Those inaccesible items

-paints (winter camouflage, floral camouflage)
-stickers (school of the wolf, wolf tag)
-decorations (toilet bag)
-and others
Why those items are inaccessible ? Because they belong to an old event ? It’s stupid.
It’s necessary to be able to buy it with COINS.
Add that, devs

Ahah they just removed that lol. Bunch of stuff from being tradable became not.

You wish))) So much grind and exploits made many players crazy rich.
Devs though want to move those cosmetic things into purchasable through crosscrowns - through cash. A good classic solution imo. Shame though current selection is so poor. Also some events will allow to get items, gotta keep you head up for those if you want to get some. Once again, it’s how it works in most games, so don’t blame devs for doing it wrong like people used to… blame them for something else))

I don’t blame devs, I just blame this system

you forgot the best paint Gun Merchant.

some stuff is only received through playing and ranking up in special events, so buck up and do those events that have special prizes next time.

if your late to the party too bad thats how life operates also

No. I ground for those cosmetics, and they really are a prestige item. Rank high enough in the next mayhem event where they have these cosmetics. Especially because these events are the best balanced competitive play in XO.

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Shimapan paint my beloved how I desire you so

And this system is enforced by…? join the points

And Gaijin ?