Those saying these changes will be good are novices

These changes will benefit only dog players. With the movement changes and locked relative to camera, this will severely kill creativity. The strafe is hard to master, I think this is an attempt to make strafe easier for the new players. But truthfully it will make all omnidirectional movement parts kneecapped, wheels will be king and fire dogs will be unchallenged.


That’s right! Hopefully, this update will not be retained.

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Time will tell if people are overreacting. I don’t see why strafing how it got “kneecapped”.

Maybe this new change will allow for better balance. Maybe firedogs could get nerfed in the next update

Most mid to long-range weapons seem to perform best on hovers. Maybe now that they’ve been changed, we will have better balance.

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I’m not sure how making strafing easier will also kill strafing parts.

Once you learn the new system, I don’t see how it’s going to impair any skilled strafing players.
From what I can see, it makes typical strafing play more streamlined.
I don’t love that we’ll need to use another key to shoot in other directions than forward, but that really only impacts worm-style auger and/or omni builds, which aren’t very common anyway.
Even those builds should still be useable, once you figure out sideways shooting.
Honestly, I can see myself playing a lot more strafing parts after this, as the other old method was really hard on my hands on console.

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facts but they are not only attempting to make strafe easier as it best when it hard
they are trying to kill it as they are killing hovers by making them extremly unstable and hard to change directions

We will not know unless they add it. So hopefully they do. We need to give it a chance.


After all of the times that or similar phrases has been used only for it turn a problem into an even worse problem I’d have thought that people would be far more jaded.

Keep reading. They are pretty jaded, but you’re right, this change could have unintended and unforeseen consequences that are even worse than before. It’s not like that’s never happened before. Like when they introduced hovers and everybody flipped them sideways. It took them how many years to sort that out?

The consequences were publicly available on the test server. If your strafing build is built in an inline fashion without enough height or your turreted weapons aren’t bunkered, they’re basically useless.

The only reason that sideways became the default was because of the constant stat nerfs. Any non-sideways hover might as well have automatically self-destructed at the start of a battle. That’s why hovers got the buffs they did on the test server with the movement changes, they’d be dead if they didn’t get them.

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There are a few things I’d like to point out, but I’m tired of this conversation. Nothing personal, honestly. In fact, I’m sorry about the venom, Sigma. It was left overs from a different confrontation. It’s actually nice to hear another more calm and rational voice weigh in on the issue, especially from one I don’t agree with.