Thoughts about the weekly badges situation

I gave the badge thing some thought, since i never really cared for them anyway, and its this:

I never cared for them anyway.

A lot of the players i know dont care about completing weeklies much. Many of them fall on the same category as me, they farm uranium and sell the uranium or whatever other resourse because usually they farm pvp, perhaps some crafting and thats it.
Not much raiding and an important sidenote: Those are the ones usually paying for premium, buying the battlepasses and packs, at least on average.

The ones i know that do care a lot about completing weeklies on average dont really play competitively or no longer pay any real money or the game.

The few ones that are in between that care about badges and play effectively competitively without paying, they do this: play effectively competitively.

From what i understand, devs saw the badges as an opportunity to “force” everyone into a more competitive group situation (band-clan) so they start contributing more towards the other more competitive side of the game.

For example, for me that i am a paying customer in a competitive clan this new change actually helps me cause i was NEVER completing pve challenges. Now the clan will do it for me.

And it kinda works as intended, from what i hear organized high rated clans are already finding people to farm weekly pve badges. Who knows, in the process these people might even end up getting some uranium for their troubles.
Or some of those people that never bothered with clan wars might discover a flair for some more advanced pvp than they thought they had.

Now, do i find this new change good? TLDR version, its in a good direction.

The long version is: I believe that badges currency and the whole idea of dailies-weeklies is antiquated and stupid.
Farming the factions to get the stuff was MORE than enough and a good incentive for people to actually play the game, and thats where they should have left it.
So what they did imo is find a better way to implement a bad mechanic.
Also, i firmly believe that they should leave a number of badges to completely solo play, since they made mistake of adding the badges in the first place, they should never completely exclude anyone who doesnt want to do the clan-band thing to get them.

These are my 2 cents.


Another urinium farming commie having it good being a clan player and ponders about how solo guys should play and progress…

I have been playing the game for 6,5 years, 4 of them i have been a -by choice- solo player, i participate in organized CW over the last 2,5 years.

Which means have been a solo player for far longer than competitive.

My opinion back then about badges had been exactly the same, and my care for them was at the exact same level, practically zero.

I would be typing the exact same words i type today 2,5 years ago.

Pretty arrogant of you to assume things.

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That was kinda mean spirited…but the meme is hilarious and relevant, I think…


I’m just frustrated of… lack of empathy and imagination on this guys.

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The developers making clan wars so relevant to gathering badges, causes people who don’t have proper gear, or desire to play it, turn confrontation mode into a seal-clubbing event by going in there unprepared and unmotivated.

That makes the mode more miserable for me as a loner. Even if I am prepared and motivated, I’m still overwhelmed, because I’m still not really prepared to carry the whole match by myself, teamed up with a bunch of aces dressed like seals, who are there because they have to be, not because they want to be, and pitted against the god-squad.

If the developers can rework that situation, I think it will help a lot.

I prefer PVP, generally, and I find Confrontation mode to be the most attractive aspect of the update, because I think I’d come to like the 4x4 PVP format, but seal-clubber mode sucks, and so does the lack of availability of the feature.

Pushing beginners or anybody into that mode is not cool. I get why people would like a truly competitive mode, and I also get why some people would like a seal-clubber mode, but I think holding the badges for ransom is game breaking.

I totally get it. This update hit us by surprise and came in pretty sideways too. It doesn’t help when you have to try and make sense of some of the bizarre apologies for this situation either.

My wife just throws random arguments at topics and calls that a debate too. I guess she figures that if she throws enough BS out there fast enough, something will stick. IDK, but from my end it’s always a lot to sort out.

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Things are really simple actually.
An average solo guy playing been making x amount of coin by farming resources(depending on play and time) And extra via challenges. They firstly removed these extra, than gave back half. So basically they nerfed income for solo.
Progression in the game obviously wasn’t any fast with those badges. And no matter if you paying player or not, you still could use extra. Unless you are a whale buying relics. Which I also considered in future as my creative work allows unlimited income as I get good at it, but now I look at it and think… is it worth it? What will I get? Fighting nerds and whales? Do even devs and this game deserve it? Would be a poor choice to spend those hundreds of dollars is what I find now.
On the other hand, I’m not a whiner calling quits because of this trifle. I’m staying as long as lower PS pvp is fun enough, and farming anything is only a bonus extra, but it’s worth defending and letting devs and other player know that we need it. And new guys especially.

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If they don’t sort things out, I’m gonna need to take a break until they do.

I accidentally had fun playing a sidekick drone-boat for gas last night, and that caught me off guard. I don’t know how it happened or why (sidekicks normally suck), but I can still enjoy playing the game apparently. I’d do it again.

I have all of the structure parts I want from the badge exchange, so it’s easier for me to ignore the clan/badge wall, which I guess they have softened, than a new guy would, probably.

People don’t seem to think the developers softened that wall enough. IDK…I’m more concerned about the glass guns, personally.

You are right, heres a hindsight that might add:

I was in a clan once that every night, 2 - 4 of their members picked up their catalina judge hovers and went to play at 6k. Most of the time they were making 4mans, killing noobs by the thousands and fluctuating their KDA stats.

What i want to imply is, if you cared at all about getting badges, you had to do pvp anyway…If you fell into the couple or more hours they did that, good luck.
Seal clubbing is everywhere in this game, call it pvp, call it confrontation…

Confrontation is pretty much what PvP would be without the bots.


From the moment badges were implemented, they were pushing someone.

I was feeling i was getting pushed into raids and PVE which i generally despise in this game. Now you are feeling you are being pushed into something.

No matter what they do someone is getting pushed, its only a matter of whos turn is it.

Thats why i never wanted the badges in the first place.

A bad system doesnt stop being bad in its core because you changed some parameters.

At least they increased the badge outcome…Shame on them that they didnt do that from the start and tried to make people work much more for the same.


What are those?

I’m referring to the piss-poor weapons durability they have dripped into the game to give their new health modules, cabs, and wheels relevance.

I’m not crazy about having another level of complexity I need to build with. The gun-stripper contest is getting old. They’ve done this before, and they usually roll it back, but this time there are a lot of reasons for them to leave it in.

That is something I can’t agree. I play piercer builds most of the time, and it’s always sort of

I never noticed any abnormal behavior. Obviously sinus hoevers gonna pour some precise hitscan fire if you let them, and some other guys with Median and cannons try to lay some precise shots. But nothing that would make me call out cheaters or devs tweaking things.

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It seems bad to me, and freshly bad too. I’m not the only one who’s noticed a recent change either. I’ve seen it come up on reddit several times, so I’m sure it’s not just me.

I hadn’t actually considered cheaters, but maybe that’s what was up. IDK.

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Agreed +1

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As I played some other stuff more relying on random factor I noticed bunch of issues.
Like incinerator on my build sometimes start sparkling after 1 good hit being ~519 hp
Or plasma cannon with 500+ also doing same.
Also greatly reduced damage from Pyre for whatever reason. Also drones are wanky at acquiring targets and have randomized firing and cooldown time, so that leads to some weirdly frustrating situations.
You have to consider co-driver actually give reliable damage boosts, besides having those already in the game.
Jay gives +28% for sinus and such if you don’t miss. And some cabs boost damage too. So there are some interesting configurations now at play.
I actually found that stacking Billie’s perk (which is easy to stack and store on my little 2xsinus+incinerator build boost 120 damage of green Blight puddle to 189 :blush:
And there might be some other configs…
For one I experimented with Cockpit and falcon drones. And if drone is launched with 75 km/h booster perk it actually gives a drone damage boost for entire lifespan of drone. And so might some co-drivers provide too, so there are interesting damage boosting metas in play.
I regularly use Phobos with +25% in proximity when not receiving damage, so keep in mind those things, maybe even try.
Judging by exhibition lots of players still neglect co-drivers.


Most people don’t know how to stack perks.

Co-drivers + item Perks + Fuses = some pretty powerful advantages if you know how to stack them properly.

For someone that does not have all that stuff it can even “feel” like someone is cheating. They are just min/maxed properly for the play style they are using.

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New badge system sucks. I’m not gonna bother with bands/clans, in case i return to actually playing the game at all.

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Like you :grin: :grin:

You forgot cabs to that equation.
Fuses are barely 5-10% damage. And barely few weapons have damage perks.
Now cabs give:
upto +60% Catalina, if lives long enough.
Cockpit +40%
And some minor ones with +20%.
Also most weapon need perks active only on time of launch.
Co-drivers have weird perks… Billie makes you receive more damage as well… Jay only works 80m+ and Phobos in 25 meters without receiving a single hp of damage to any part… So it’s pretty hard to make it work, but possible for certain builds and weapons.

Cabins are in the items group - I just lumped it together - but yes cabins