Thoughts on parts new season

so am i the only one who thinks those rockets are a bit overpowered?
i run a smallish build and when i hit my build with a rocket from that new relic it heats up roughly 90 - 95% of my build… so basically im being hit by an incinerator every time i get hit by that. like… what?

also im drooling over the fused parts they have available for lighters right now… which one should i get though?
my thoughts are this.

Reapers: meh. i have 1 reaper and im not a reaper kind of guy. while reapers are nice to have i can easily make and fuse them myself later on.
Mandrake: i want this so badly lol. i love mandrakes but never found myself going to make one. so with this i might just make one with the lighters.
Retcher: got 2 of these already and i have future plans to fuse them when an event comes around so its not necessary really.
Tsunami: i got typhoons, they arent needed.
Aspect: ive always wanted a set of these. i always liked the aspect and i herd it was a good gun. im torn really on this and the mandrake.
Cyclone: i have 1 of these with 2 more vouchers in my inventory to make 2 more should i want to. i… dont really use the cyclone that much anyways but idk. maybe?

Harpy: have it, fused it, love it.
Humpback: have it, fused it, never used it much.
Photon: i could just make one. dont really need it.

Quasar: have them already for leviathan plus i never use them.
Incinerator: got 2 of them fused but the one in there is VERY tempting… reload and projectile speed. so tempting…
Fatman: got one thats fused. love it for the reload speed.
Whirlwind: meh. i like the joule or the cyclone more.
Equalizer: i have one fused plus i got arbiters. not needed.

Pilgrim + Jawbreaker + Sinus + Synthesis + Storm: all not needed as i dont use special tier weapons

my thoughts on the weapons / parts

legs: holy crap these things are fast! seriously these are really quick. though the animation does seem kind of… janky… ngl.
cabin: looks good. not gonna knock it.
Thyrsus: this is a weird gun tbh… it seems a bit underpowered to me if anything.
Charybdis: i am not spelling this thing again… but the weapon worked as i thought it would, the blades fold outward to make itself bigger. an interesting weapon to say the least.
engine: ill have to use it when i get it.

also i knew the day the battle pass came out there would be a few people who already bought the pass and all the levels to get everything. there be whales here!!! :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale:

anyways what do you all think of it?


Charybdis is a sleeper people wont utilize to its fullest extent for a while i think.They activate their perk as SOON as you get anywhere on the back 180° arc, which is very, very easy to do. I think theyll eventually be buried and unable to hit anything. Then the perk hits and they saw things in half. You cant hit them, and then they now can hit you. No risk of losing them on entry like harvesters and then boom, theyre on you. Add in lower power comsuption and you have extremely versatile build options. Including double chary, double flash. Or flash, double chary, tormentor, cloak, engine, interceptor, and another energy for whatever else, such as radar or Argus for anti-porc, or obviously an omamori.


Double flash and double harvester is already good too.