Thoughts on the ground game in heli brawl

I was playing around as a straight out ground vehicle tonight for a bit.

I can’t see what altitude players are at on the mini map. Chasing signals on the mini map which I normally like to do can be detrimental with air combat. I didn’t do badly but it was more of a pain then normal playing and not in the fun way. I spent a lot of time dodging shots and chasing one or two live players that I found also playing the ground game. Most of the time I just felt like I was being shot at by players I couldn’t see. One of the ground players I chased around a lot in one of the matches was just firing off trombones it was annoying. I don’t think he was even looking where he was going as you can’t do that while locking on with them… I kept getting swarmed by air though while going after the player.

What are your experiences playing from the ground? (I made it through cannon and shotgun tonight.)

I think that playing on/near the ground can produce a lot of points farming bots. But I would always have a heli blade in that build so you can jump from place to place where the other ground builds are.

For me the ground game in the heli brawl is a cluster fudge, bots tend to swarm you, especially if there are only one or two people playing ground vehicles and on top of that the flying vehicles swarm you. hiding under a bride or in a structure doesn’t work as heli build can follow you!

Playing on the ground sucks if you’re in the mountain map. Otherwise hide somewhere with a roof and obliterate bots, easy points.

Generally speaking tho, the heli propeller is 500 PS, a set of APC wheels 300… probably not worth skipping on the propeller to grab wheels.

I’ve had an awesome experience playing on the ground. I MVP around 80% of the time. My build is a Torero on 4 omnis with 2 Punishers mounted vertically on an omamori. My other 3 energy are a Seal, and two Argus. The air builds are easy enough to murder. The most effective builds against mine are arbiters (mounted vertically, the horizontal ones simply cannot maintain a consistent view with their guns if at any altitude), destructors, and the occasional lucky Scorp player. Lock-On builds (which are annoying and still should be banned if only to promote actual skill vs. the lazy lock, press button, collect points) are completely neutralized, Caucasus pose little to no threat and everything else simply dies to my two Punishers much faster than I die to them. Killing bots adds easy points and having access to the underside of many builds with generators and explosives under there makes for some easy points.

Good times to be an AA. Ez-pz

Ground builds work in city maps… suck in the open maps. Very much like real life if ya think about it.

I’ve had 0 issues on High Cathedral playing my ground AA build. I had a problem with tipping over at first with my 4 Omni build, but then I put 4 8x1 frames on the outer corners facing front and back and that mitigated that only issues I’ve had.

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It seemed like it but at the same time the faster I got points the faster players swarmed me. It was kind of had draw backs. The ground players were quite eager to engage players too which wasn’t bad as long as you could drag them passed your teams bots. I had a few engagements that ended up inside covered buildings in the city maps that heli’s kept trying to get in on by shooting into the entrance/exits which made it harder to maneuver around.

None of the ground builds I tried had propellers mounted on them. The only time I kind of wanted one was on the cathedral map a couple of respawns put me really far from the action which I normally like but it was harder getting back to it just via wheels.

Was actually a lot of fun with my shotgun build on that map. I never get to run around at full speed on most of the game maps.

I ended up on city maps most of the time with some of the other builds I tried. These were a small autocannon build and a cannon build. These I had more issues with them then I did the shot gun build. The small cannon build I played without a cloak but it was a lot of running away from being out numbered and taking pot shots from afar.

The autocannon was interesting I did a small single stillwind mounted on an averter with a beholder cab and some omni wheels. I really didn’t have the elevation to shoot into the air though to target helis unless I was really far away. Getting away from being swarmed was easy with this one but I really didn’t have much stopping power. All I could really do was pick on weakened targets and change the tide of some little ground fights that I found.

I tend to follow the blue dots, trying to stay near them and disappear when the team rooster are almost empty, or go full speed ahead like if as was in a race.
I tried SGs but they are very situational.
Bottom line it’s best to have a multipurpose build than a specific build.
A multipurpose vehicle it’s only suppressed if there is a significant ground force present in the game with harder hitting guns, if not than, do not hide in buildings , stay in the open and do your best to spread Havoc and Chaos.
try to stay with your teammates.
target human players, avoid bots, and do your best to pressure the propellers .
hold your ground the best you can, bob and weave as much as you can.
Yes, you will lose some and win others.
but the important it’s to land the shots, even if you lose and you don’t kill the other guy, the points will go to you

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I went back in using my shotgun build tonight and landed on some of the larger maps again. I noticed a lot of the bots getting stuck on small ground obstacles (destroyed walls and stuff). Has anyone else noticed this?

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Ground builds just do not have enough of a firepower and durability avantage to contest helis, which IMO should have a 50% penalty on structure durability.

Nope, I just notice always getting swarmed by the bots on the ground :rofl:
But bots loving on terrain is just a bot thing, be it grinding on a ledge or humping a wall! :joy:

It was pretty much that except they turned it into a group activity… lol…

I actually managed to kill a few on the ground but it was mostly via pilot errors and luck that they were grounded in the first place. The city maps seem like they are better conditionally for this to happen. Out of the few that got away I think it was mostly from how quick they could take off after crashing. Knocking them too close to walls right now is the only way to attempt to extend the grounded time.

Funny you say that… Last night, I spotted one on the Cathedral map stuck in a little corner. I literally landed behind him and chewed him up with autocannons. He blew up & before my props got spinning again, another bot came & got stuck in the same spot. LOL 2 for 1 !


The ones I spotted were on my team but it was on that map. I tried pushing them over the smallest little detail level wall remnant but they wouldn’t co-operate and got re-stuck real fast. I ended up just leaving there figuring it was far off from the normal combat area.

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It’s been a while, the city maps are great for smalls getting around. How are you all feeling about playing from the ground?

Haven’t tried it.
I’ve seen people getting MVP doing it, but just… Why? Flying is so fun to me, I can’t see choosing to drive on the ground. :joy::hugs:

Clearly, not everyone agrees with me since I’ve had battles where most of the other team was on the ground. When that happens in the big maps, it’s a slaughter.

In other news, when I run out of ammo, self destructing in a crowd of ground players is always fun. I managed hitting 5 at once tonight, winning the match in the process. I wish I had been recording! I mean, it was a blow out, so we’d have won anyway, but that was great.

Isn’t this thing over yet…


7 or 8 days yet to go, i achieved my goal.

Great, much better than flying.

Funny enough, my drone build performs a lot better than in PVP, perhaps because we are in different plains. When MGs appear, i have to run, but aside of that . It feels much stronger than in PVP/PVE.

Actually, dead city it’s awful, i don’t like it. High cathedral turned out to be my favourite map, next the Eastern quarter map

My experience was basically: Use high dps aimable weapons. Use a Chameleon (pref the blue one, not purple for cd time, yes its better, you start the cd time sooner after use) + Argus. Bigfoot and Cheetah are a must. Biggest radar you have + radio. Use your cham to break bots lock on, your argus to stop missiles if you can’t get to or don’t have cover.

The open field sucks ass on the ground period.

I had a hard time with kings, kapkans and drones from the ground. (kings and kapkans fly like frisbies btw, you can make perfect rows from a heli)

Best ground build I saw highest score from that I remember: Tusk+Lances.