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Can we finally get someone from the dev team to let us know what these mean? You add a feature and never tell anyone what it is for.

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I thought it was just a basic did you like the match question. Though I would really like to know how it’s used too.

Yeah I figure that.

But why? How is this info being used?

Am I telling them I hated the match? The map? The match making?

You know what I mean?

Exactly… I had mentioned something similar on the old forum over other ways to use polling questions.

We should be able to rate different aspects of the match if we say we don’t like a match. That way they can at least get a better understanding of what went wrong in the players mind.

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Yeah, that would be nice.

These guys always acted like they used numbers and facts to make changes. But In reality when changes are made it’s about money.

I don’t think the changes are all about the money even though the game exists to make money. As most of the actual strategy of the game revolves around exploiting building techniques, some of them have to be allowed to persist longer than others. If they fixed them as soon as they happened it would probably have negative impacts on their free advertising methods i.e YT content creators and the similar on other platforms. No ones going to want to spend hours making content if the shelf life of the content is similar to a dead fish. Kind of have to look at it from that perspective too.

I do think they probably have good data to use on the matches but data doesn’t always correlate directly to enjoyment for players for a myriad of reasons. It would be really nice to see how exactly they use the data as well as what data they are using too. I think players would probably trust the changes a bit more if they knew how and what was being used.