Thunderbolt advice

I picked up three thunderbolts a little while ago, but I’m struggling to make anything good with them.

I’m curious how other people get enough cooling in there with the energy cost of the guns themselves? And what cabins work well with them?
Might I be better off trying to make just two of them work at a lower PS?

This is exactly why I stuck with the Mace. You can have 4 of 'em and still pack a cooler, radiator, radar & cloak.

Here’s one of my two saved shotgun builds that are all but identical other than the lighter one using Sledgehammers. With the Big Wheels in the back, it doesn’t ride the way the garage portrays it. It’s tilted forward giving the guns a better firing angles.

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I’m not a fan of those SGs, pretty underwhelming.
But SGs are much more demanding than MGs where a single rad is enough to make them work.
SGs will require more than that to keep firing.
Lately i’m more inclined to use 3 coolers minimum, no rads (but lately i’m going low speed stuff), the end result is like having a stuttering MG every 4 shots but it’s fast to recover and is always shooting with a slightly stuttering.
if there’s a rad in the mix, you can shoot for longer but the recover can be slower or much slower depending the number of rads.
In the end it’s a matter of taste or feeling, and playstyles
Just keep in mind that’s not an assault/shock weapon it’s more for harassing, once you get bogged down, the perk is negated and you’ll be left with a mediocre weapon.
Keep moving at all costs


Are you useing tripple thunderbolts? The best your going to get there is a favorite cabin. I wonder if a cooler or a seal is better for those guns though. I cant even remember whem i used a thinderbolt last.

Also you could always do two thinderbolts plus a four energy shotgun too if you feel you need to. Hell even a gravastar woyld work.

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Guh thats a lot of spelling errors…this lil phone keyboard and my lazy arse…lol

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Last night I tried a Griffon build with a single Seal and a single Shiver, and it performed a bit better.
Was using Favourite, but found it too slow for shotguns, and the perk doesn’t help them as much as it used to.
Going to keep tinkering, but if anyone else has any advice, keep it coming.

Interesting choice.

I also tried Jannabi, but wasn’t able to make the perk work well, at least compared to how I’m used to it working with MGs.
Griffon seems helpful at creeping up to my victims, which still seems to be important with SGs.

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Jannabi to drift is a skill in itself. try only 4 st wheels. Some said lower grade wheels slide a bit better. I used fused hermits/purp cooler/seal… To get good angles while drifting you have to fully expose the thundies which glow like a neon shoot here sign. It really isnt for novice players. 3 thundies is really hard to build in the right ps range, it will push you in 9k’s easily and is not a good place to be. I did it fully as a challenge to myself to use map knowledge and build skill surviving without the normal accoutrements of an SG build like chameleon or wedge. No point wedging because your wasting the cab perk. To have a chameleon, engine, cooler, rad , and 3x thun you would have to apollo which puts you up to 10k. that comes with caveat of apollo size pushing your build wide or frame issues. In the end if you can build a 4 sledge or mace and be 8k or lower your much better off. 4 sledge hitting the damage ball parked is like 2100 and 3 thundies parked is 2200. the thundy build i have at 9.5 “Janborghini” is on exh… I am working a lower ps (8k) 4 sledge "Salty Banana"now.


It’s not that I had trouble drifting, but that SGs force me to get closer to enemies, which makes it harder to avoid collisions and losing speed.

I’m going to keep tinkering. Took me a little while to realize these SGs aren’t great for pinning or wedging, but I appreciate that, as it pushes me to more creative and challenging gameplay.
I’ve accepted that the only way to run three is to go above 10kPS, and I’m ok with that.

To help you to drift more, you could offset your weight, to the extremities of your build, like, putting the wheels ahead of your weight e.g.
this way, every time you turn either way your tail will slide on either side, giving you a head start to start drifting.
the downside is during a battle you will lose parts and that could offset your weight even more making your build tilt even more…so take in mind firing angles.
Having no frontal armour (during battle) and a full armoured back makes every build slide even slow ones e.g.

hello there i experimented with shotguns and i have no issue with constant fire power. i used either the tusker cab when i first made my build but the issue with that is the cab tends to take a lot of damage due to the collision but great for ramming things. i just changed to the aggressor cab. it goes a lot faster and you get your bonuses faster. I also have i apollo energy module. 1 chill… i use chill because of the speed the shiver is more for slower cars. 2 seal, 1 cloaker ( either one will work good) and the red hot engine i chose the red hot over the aggressor engine because the reverse is 50% better , its smaller, takes no energy to use, but most important BILLIE as a pilot paired with either of wheels buggy wheels or buggy ST, and the omni wheels are good. im sure the buggy wheels are better because it makes you get your wheel bonuses even faster. this way once you ram your target you get a upto 30% bonus to your shotguns which will be 2 gremlins and 2 thunderbolts. i recently changed my thunderbolts and bought 2 gravastars, they work the same as thunderbolts same distance but bigger damage but they are energy weapons not shotgun. but since you still have 2 gremlins which are shot guns you still can complete shotgun dailies… all the things i have chose will do the following, make your shot spread larger. make you shot spread larger, get bonuses faster, ramming capabilities with your bonus.
GamePlay strategy is to watch the wheel bonus till it 3 once you have 3 ram your target and let the shotguns fly and Kaboom! cloak if needed rinse and repeat. I will publish my build you can try it in exhibition tab you can try it under the name Xhuast… good luck traveler.

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Bigfoots work best with the thunderbolt perk (and Aggressor), but I find them a bit too sluggish for this kind of build.