Thunderbolts are shite

Ok, this topic is being made by frustration.

But Spitfires used to worth every bit of PS they have.
Ruptures used to worth every bit of PS they have
Gremlins and Goblins worth every bit of PS they have.

You feel there’s something there, you see them performing

Thunderbolts i can’t see why they are 1100 PS a pop, they are made from melting butter and i’m not seeing them performing, their perk isn’t nothing special despite i could synergize with my build which can drag a build to the other side of a map… i say it could cause the damage isn’t there

I have 6 of them, my intend was using them to build a couple of Hammer Falls and keep a full set of each.
But i stopped in mid process because i just can’t make them work. And now i’m hesitant about Hammer falls, will they be the next thunderbolts?

I’m thinking about selling all

I was excited when I first got thunderbolts. I used 3, and backed them with upgraded seals. I tried different build configurations, even undermounts, but I could never get them to work like the “feared shotgun builds” everyone used to talk about. And I tried other shotguns too, not much better. Now all I use are the goblins and the shotguns in the cans (I can’t remember what they’re called at the moment) and try to keep the builds in the 7-8K ps. But yeah, thunderbolts, I gave up on them.