Thx for have ruined CW

Like I said, relic ACs would shake things up in Clan Wars Enclave.

This is news to me.

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Yeah, Stillwinds got a bad rap on the forum when they were released, but I always found them strong.
Then they got some buffs, and people started figuring out how to play them, and suddenly the price surged so much I couldn’t resist selling my non-BP one.
Currently one of the most valuable legendary weapons.
I always found the key was very conservative tap firing, especially at long range.


Wait, Stillwinds have a perk?


aorry but i dont agree with you. in every situation, the loser and the slave have only choise to adapt, the people can fight for theyre opinion and for every changement they don’t like.

before update ac80 steelwind is one of worst weapon in crossout becosue have extremly hight spread and very lower precision, now is become completly useless leggendary weapon, is more affective the tempest, is more small and more difficult to hit, have less spreda and have penetrazione very high, ok havbe more short range but steelwind at 100m miss with 60% of bullet if you shot to very large build, and for this reason ac80 steelwind cant be used at long range.

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Stillwind needs to be tap fired to keep accuracy at long range. Best to treat it as a semi-automatic weapon, rather than just holding down the trigger.
I only go full auto at close range, and try to avoid using it at close range.
I need to get myself a second one again. I miss playing them.

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Oops, I just thought I was sharing this build with Monkey. I didn’t realize it was going on exhibition. I’m going to have to check Exhibition to see what else I have up there.

Out of all the new Pegasus Firebug builds, Monkey’s 5 wheel (3 steering) firedog might be the best new build in the game. Bigfoot wheels are back in a big way. They are stable at high speed and skid just enough to turn sharp when you need them.

The build can easily eat multiple Scorp and Typhoon shots as well. I just view Phoons as fresh meat.

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On second thought, it might have been a private share link and I thought it was public.

I did not share it with anyone else :slight_smile:

Thank you sir, that thing was fun to build.

Hope you guys are getting a bunch of CW wins with it!

True story.

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Last Thursday morning It murdered multiple hover levis most foully. They’re sitting around and teeing off with Scorps and Rockets and stuff in an endless stream of fused barriers and then Boom. Going for a Blight ride. Tomorrow morning I will try to make a video if I remember to record some matches.

The build is also fast enough to catch and burn down machine gun hovers, although they do chew it up quite a bit.