Thx for have ruined CW

now in CW you can find only scorpion and cannon that can oneshot all build !

thx to this stupid idea of penetration made for give a gift to cryng kid.
this cryng kids ius the people that not spent some mounth to learn how to play (build, use the wewapon that they have and how to defend hes car from a particular weapon)
this kids start to cry and ask for nerf , nerf, nerf becouse that after 2 day can’t win VS a player that play from 2 years and have learned how to build, how to use a particular weapon and how to drive.

this kids never do a CW becouse they can’t learn how to become a good player and they ask for ruin the tactical game like orginal crossout.

sorry for my post but , every day i listen the same request for nerf and everytime this request arrive from a player that don’t know the difference between do a raid or have a shower :slight_smile:

What kind of build is getting one shot?

Do you have a screenshot?

I’m curious really.

Maybe heavy builds will make a comeback with the use of Barrier X.

They could use weapons like Reaper and Cyclone to deter the hovers.

imagine year of meta. (breaker-punisher on fast hover) pressing only ww versus reload weapons! and brutal come here talk about skill and complain about long range/reload weapons! thats pathetic! yes sad news for u man. now actualy have to use brain when play and some tactic! best update ever

So what? Just nerf, see if there are any changes in the future first, and balance the weapons after making sure there are no major changes

Wait a second. Did I call it or what!

Been telling everyone for weeks that as soon as a patch makes range OP then all of a sudden your going to get a bunch of range guys claiming “it’s all skill”

Lol, where was your skill before the patch?

Didn’t even take one day :rofl:


you are curios ? this means that you not play CW.
now typhoon or tsunamy can kill all build in one or maximum 2 shot. spaced armor is used for prevent this op of cannon and of scorpion but now this weapojn is become super op.

you are pathetic, i not have any problem to kill punisher or breaker over with my arbiter over, or retcher over, or firedog. the problem is with ultra flat punisher car if you if you ahve a spider or normal whell car. you can change veicle and kill easy them.
if you have a problem with them is you that must learn how to play, and play is
1° build a efficent build
2° pilot you build at it’s maximum possibility
3° use your weapon at its maximum efficency
4° learn how to cnotrast enemy weapon or enemy build

if you think that a single build with can contrast any other buil you realy must learn the base of all online game and not only of crossout.

if they like to use this stupid penetration for not create a unbalanced power inside a single category of weapon, penetrtation must be gived to all weapon of the same category and must bi gived the same value, becouse damage of weapon is alread balanced in the same category.
if 1 maginegun have 30% all machined gun must have 30% becouse this 30% ahve different effect becouse every weapion do a different damage, if you do 100 damage for bullet you 30% is 30
if your weapon do only 50 damage your 30% is 15, this mantein the difference in the same category.
i not say to give to weapon, but to all weapon in the same famyly of weapon (only uncategoryzed weapon is out of this discussion.

This is a build issue.

I have builds I can shot with 3-4 double shots before it gets to the cabin. Then Another 3-4 double shots to kill it.

Like I said, “Do you have a screenshot of what your playing”

Maybe we can help.

What CW rank do you play?

So, just to make sure I wasn’t talking BS.

I just went into my garage and shot whatever random build was in my garage 9 times with double fused typhoons before the car blew up.

I know I have builds that can handle more.

This is a building issue your having. If you would like someone to help I would suggest posting a picture of what build your using that dies in 1-2 shots.

I’m sure I don’t have a single CW build that dies that fast.

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Went and tested a second smaller fire dog build. It could handle 7 double fused typhoon hits.


I believe you did… Real skilled players are the ones that succeed in every “META” - no matter what for it takes.

I think that’s a small number of players, honestly. Most of us find one weapon type we like & get brutally good with it. I’d guess hitscans are the most popular since they’re the easiest to learn.

Show me someone who can jump from a fixed cannon build to a shotgunt… Tempura… incinerator… drake… drones… whatever & still do WELL (not necessarily MVP since some types will never do that) and I’ll concede that’s an exceptional player.

Even then, as I strive to be that player, it’s not much to brag about.

Brutal, Elancy… whoever is arguing with the Monkey,
RoughMonkey may rub you the wrong way, but the dude knows the game. If he’s offering help, take it. My 2 cents…


I think some might feel like I’m poking fun when I say “show us a picture of your build”, But honestly that is the only way we can tell the issue and help.

I have been playing builds around 17k (CW style meta builds) the last few days in PvP and, I’m not sure about everyone else that plays in that range, but I’m not seeing a battlefield full of people getting one tapped.

I think I would have noticed all the guys instantly exploding next to me.

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Penetration Sucks… It Goes Through All Frames and Hit Always Generators, Ammo Packs etc :angry: (Under Vehicle) If I Shoot with My Upgraded x3 WASP’s Now, It Makes Nothing! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::man_shrugging: Specially To Hovers :expressionless:I Can’t Even Take Down One Single Fck*ng Hover :roll_eyes: They Just Fly Away Like Nothing. I Have That Feeling, That If I Shoot Rockets, When One Explodes, They All Explode Before They Really Hit The Target/Part lol. This is Scam, Not Explode Damage.

It’s easy to get offended, and almost impossible to offer a constructive opinion without the other getting offended. We all need to take a step back when we read something “offensive.”

Then again, I’m not joking when I say I read flagged posts first, so maybe I do want people getting offended. :grin: :crazy_face: :rofl:

In all seriousness, though… not just an image, but even a little video walk around of the build & video of the builder de-constructing it in the garage so we can see how it’s built would be the most helpful.

I know I keep bringing it up like some ghey fanboi, but downloading some of @41358411 Charlie’s builds and deconstructing them to see how he built them was a TREMENDOUS educator. He’s connecting pieces in ways I’d never considered using them.

ALL of my builds have gotten better as a result.

Humble ourselves, learn from others.

It’s the only way to keep from being an idiot.

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Good example, I made a new firebug flash build (I posted it in the build thread) and Darth Stall, one of our forum members, downloaded it and made a new version of the build. And he also posted his version on the exhibition.

Some guys get all bent out of shape when you change one of their builds and get even more mad when you post them.

Not me, I sent him a message letting him know how awesome I thought his version was and I’m glad he re-posted it so we now have two awesome versions of the same car for people to download.

As a high PS CW META builder, over the years I have gotten a lot of cool messages from people thanking me for posting my builds, BUT oddly enough I have got just as much hate mail from people because they get pissed that I post high end CW designs. (The funnier thing is, the guys that are pissed also play versions of my cars)

OH! Also back on topic :slight_smile: that firebug build can take 7 or 8 double fused typhoon hits.



If range spam is such an issue for you, you could always try some cloaked fire dogs to close the distance. Or beat them at their own game with a nova cab, it works very well at catching cannon rounds. Or, crazy thought, force them to come to you with a skilled mandrake or heather player. I’d like to see them stay in their cover playing peek a boom after a few salvos.


I’m waiting for my relic Autocannons so that I can maybe have a Clan one day, because the Stillwinds are trash compared the Whirlwinds. The Stillwinds were the only legendary to be nerfed from the very start. The perk is absolutely ridiculous.