Thx for random changes, please fix our problems next?

more options for driving great, amazing new stuff I don’t, changes i can turn off, whatever amazing job on giving us more options, but here’s stuff that still sucks that i have been trying to get you to fix for a while now

reverse mode, my god, ok, I use bigrams allot and I like to use reverse mode for them because I use leg mode most often, reverse mode makes it so, nonmatter if I’m revering of staying still or walking forwards, when i press D my vehicle turns clockwise, and when i press A my vehicle turns anticlockwise, amazing, this is what I want, but when I go into wheel mode reverse mode gets disables, because when you drive with wheels, reverse mode makes 0 difference it gets disabled, please fix that, if I turn reverse mode on, I want all my vehicles to act the same so I’m not constantly switching which bloody button I’m pressing, this is especially annoying when the vehicle I’m driving can switch between wheel and leg mode and I have to change what button I’m pressing to go in a certain direction mid game, not cool please fix

next problem let us bind these stupid movement settings to per vehicle, this was an issue when reverse mode was a thing, now we have a plethora of different movement options that we may or may not want to use on difference vehicles, maybe I don’t want to use reverse mode on one of my vehicles, but I want it active on a different one, maybe I don’t want my vehicle to follow the mouse on one vehicle, but I want the vehicle to follow my mouse on a different one, i don’t want to be constantly going into my menu while I’m playing clan wars to change these settings constantly, let me bind these settings per vehicle, while your at it, let me key bind movement per vehicle as well, it would save me having quite literally, 3 different movement types bound to my keyboard, yes i have 3 1 for forwards, one for sideways and one for backwards vehicles, if i could bind keys per vehicle, i could just have everything on wasd

just wanted to say that, driving on high pings, feels much more forgiving, the “slow to respond” turning helps to prevent you from ramming yourself into walls randomly, when you get a small lag spike etc, also bumping off walls, rather then loosing all your momentum helps allot as well, so, thankyou for improving driving finally