Thx XO today....i lost every match with 8 players still alive on enemy team

so ur number one when it comes to fair n balanced…
…so what’s going on?

and yes i kept switches ps’s

'cc i can’t get points anymore and i only have 3500.reg pvp it like everyone is cheating 'but i know you XO (1 team has immunity to damage) that’s why all 8 players are alive and cant shoot off any parts? and my teams all dead in seconds…so stop the bs…(i’m not going to pay to play your game/
reg pvp…i watched 4 people shoot on 1 enemy player and not 1 part fell off and when i shot them it didnt do anything…

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You just have to do it all yourself, it’s like you’re the only one on the team so use the randoms as bait and pick them off the best you can

they dont take damage…thats the problem
your on xo team or you all die… that’s their game plan,but it’s worse now,that’;s why i’m calling them out.

How were you scoring compared to the rest of your team?
Usually when I’m on a bad losing streak, I can take some comfort by being the best on the losing team.
But then I end up on a good team and I’m suddenly one of the worst members instead of the best.
Oh well, at least I’m comfortable admitting my skills are average.

thats the thing…the random team i was on couldnt do any damage,i seen this before lots of times…but not all day ‘.i usually don’t care and it passes after a few matches’

'but being the new year it’s been an all day experiment wondering why a whole team can get smashed by 1 player and their team still has 8 players not even playing…
just kinda weird… :crazy_face:

Yeah I’ve not played much since vacation but a couple I had where my team did very little compared to myself…

The game has no skillbased matchmaking so they have some very very lopsided games where you need to personally make the difference like the old days

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I group with the Bots, or rather I tend to pick a bot that has a complementary armorment, isn’t stuck on a wall, or racing towards its inevitable death, and makes a good meat shield. Typically that’s a Cannon bot, and if I can help make sure it survives, then I tend to score pretty high…My team usually still all dies with zero kills anyway, and then it’s just me and my pet bot against real steep odds, but whatever.

Point is; I prefer bots to players in random PVP, and have no interest at all in a bot-free mode…unless my clan wants to team up and hit Confrontation…but chat is disgusting, and I’ve turned that off indefinitely, so it’s probably hard for them to contact me…plus I have nothing at 9K to humor them with anyway. I stopped chasing that dragon years ago.

Occasionally I’ll throw something together that’s above 9K, but I don’t tend to keep it around for very long (I have one 11K Spider on Exhibition). I could be persuaded to put something together by my fearless clan leader though, if that was something he wanted to pursue. I even have a little coin in my account to help with a project like that, thanks to his wise market advise.

I agree that the lopsided matches are most likely the result of the lack of skill-based matchmaking. But I kind of like that, as I think I would feel cheated if it seemed like the matchmaker was making things easier for me (or harder).

Because the bots might be brainless but you can rely on them to do what they’re programmed to if you bring a radar detector for them to use. They will drive and fire at what is closest to them or in LoS. Compared to players who can be completely clueless and blind.

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I like it too, it reminds me of the old Halo/CoD/BF days just obliterating entire lobbies… I remember when CoD got skill based matchmaking in CoDWW2 because when I would play the entire lobby would be trash except for 1 really good player on the other team almost like it was always putting 1 very skilled player against me to try and balance things out.

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I find the matchmaker throws me softballs when I use drones. No matter what the matchmaker does to lean on the scales this way or that, it is never a sure thing though. It clearly does throw me some soft matches though. And yes, it is demoralizing.

I think it’s easily observed to see the matchmaker using skill-based metrics. I can’t hardly believe you don’t see it too, but whatever. I’m pretty certain that any match M420 is in, he will be either at the bottom of the roster because of his skill, or at the top of it surrounded by dweebs who will get pwnd in 30 seconds, because the matchmaker expects him to carry the match for the less fortunate. IMO, this is routine matchmaker behavior, that to me is hella obvious. Less obvious now than before 2.0 (they’ve added a vector or two), but it’s still obvious.

I’d be willing to bet that most of M420’s screenshots of his team placement would largely reflect him as being shoved to the bottom of the list relative to Power-scores. That is skill based matchmaking, and it’s not new. It’s more complicated now (I’m over simplifying a little to make the point), since 2.0, but prior to that it was crystal clear that it was happening.

If you can’t push the game hard enough, due to a leisurely play-style, or inabilitiy to do so, then these things aren’t as apparent. If you want to see skill based matchmaking happen, then you need to use some skills and push it. Otherwise the statistics will read luke-warm.


Only today? Never seen before?

This has been reality for a lot of us for a long time, all it takes is not enough meta on your own team. Like if the enemy has 2 omni wheel rapid fire machineguns small and nimble builds and 1 good triple cyclone spider it’s over unless you have something like two clan wars hovers and 1 athena spider to balance it out on your team.

I’ve been running matches like this daily for months, sometimes multiple per day. Sometimes on the loosing side sometimes the winning, but it’s very easy to get steamrolled in this game. Especially even with bots if you have bad luck in the bot lottery and opposite team has literal aimbot dual scorps and whatnot while your own bots have their guns blocked almost all match by the build itself while driving right against a wall. Sometimes all it takes is 1 4-man well organized(op cheese guns and metabuilds) group and whatever team it lands on, that’s the winner

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Me too. This last year has been the worst for that too, I think.

Maybe you are just better at drones than you thought?
They do force you to play differently, which often leads you to be the last surviving player. If you manage to do consistent damage over that whole match, you can accomplish more than people assume you can get out of drones.

I used to believe there was skill-based matchmaking in the game as well, but gave up that belief when I couldn’t prove it. And I tried hard to find firm evidence of it, to no avail. I am inclined to believe the devs when they say they have never attempted that in PVP, because I think they would boast about it if they had pulled it off.

I think the biggest problem is the teams. IE you have a group that are in cahoots.

I’m not that great at this game, nor have I kept up on all the gear that’s necessary, but I think M420 is, and has, and I’m sure he could demonstrate it, if he wanted to. In fact I think he would be an ideal case study for it.

Me? Sometimes I try and sometimes I don’t. I still tend to dwell at the bottom of the PS hierarchy in most matches, unless I’m using cannons. Then the matchmaker either throws me soft pitches, or puts me on teams that win even if I suck so hard I kill nobody, and get killed in the first 10 seconds.

I do enjoy drones though, for the smash’em-up derby passive melee play-style I can muster with them, and the art-builds I can wrap it up in, so maybe I don’t suck that bad with drones. Maybe. The build I’m running now typically is the only one to make any kills on my team, and I think that’s weird.

I can tell you that any time I use active melee, I will have longer queues, and get placed at the bottom of the PS barrel, and do it all in Sector Ex more often. It’s definitely a trend

I stopped using Lances and Boom-sticks simply because as soon as I’d use them, my next queue would be really long to even eternal. I’ve let the clock on that run for an hour. I just don’t use them anymore because of that. I’ve tried, but it’s always the same. I liked those things too. They’re way harder than people think. But almost anytime I was ever successful at it, the queue would get 3 minutes and longer.

My attempts at finding proof of a skill based matchmaker weren’t to do with switching my build, but rather just choosing to play sloppy for a while to try to force it to give me easier matches. I could never get it to respond in the predicted way.

On the other side of the scale, once in a while I’ll play one of my stronger builds at the right time of day and just destroying the enemy team every match. That should bump me down, but it never seemed to. The only thing that would break that streak was when the after work crowd logged on and I started facing bigger numbers of more skilled players.

As far as long queue times after switching builds, if we go by my interpretation of how the MM works, what might be happening is that when you change builds, you basically have to get in line for a new queue. Whenever I start a new session, my wait time is usually much longer for the first game, and then much shorter after, as long as I hit the button for the next match quickly enough.
Sometimes switching builds will result in consistently longer queue times, but in my experience that was always explained by my PS changing to a less populated zone.
In PVP, my PS score seems to be the main thing determining queue times. But depending on the time of day, the busy PS ranges can change. What gets me quick games in the day might not get me quick matches in the evening.

I bounce between all the weapon types regularly, and I’ve never noticed a specific type of weapon impacting queue times (assuming they are all in the same PS range).

I normally just switch PS zones when I’m on a loosing streak or I’ll play a few games of patrol and come back as you have to make sure your own frustration isn’t effecting your game play. If you let yourself get to worked up over a loss your not going to play well in the next match.

Time of day seems to matter a little more now to with the smaller player turn out your more likely to find the hardcore players in the slumping hours.

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you to huh? i came across this back when i ran pvp.
in pve its much the same. sometimes in matches bots can launch 1 shot from a cannon and knock off half my build. including knocking off my guns in 1 shot and take out half my hp or both my plows while dealing a sizable chunk of damage to my hp when i never got hit once.
they artificially crank up the difficulty to force you to lose. its happened to me alot where the entire enemy bot team would be alive while id be the only one left on my team. no matter how much i shoot their guns they wont come off while 1 bullet from them wrecks half my build. its rigged.