Thyrsus 1 - Some information to share with the community

So I have an Thyrsus 1 that is not fused and wanted to try it out.


  1. A good weapon that performs well at long, medium range. (Only fair at close range due to its lack of depression)
  2. Can with accuracy de gun weapons with lower durability with skilled accuracy.
  3. A solid support weapon to help teammates with its overall damage and DPS.
  4. Good rotation speed.


  1. Weapons to hit box is pretty easy to hit and can be de gunned without a module to help with durability / resistance.
  2. The 11 energy makes it difficult to have a secondary weapon. (Not impossible but a challenge.)
  3. Most good players concentrate on firing on the weapon to de gun you.

With the limited amount of the Thyrsus on the battlefield I do not think its overpowered. It will be interesting to see when more players have access to the weapon how it performs.

I was able to make a 9k build with the weapon. Below is the image. Name is Spider Tank. (Please note this was a trial build.)

I welcome your own experience and feedback.


I think the gun is good for having lots of free energy for support modules. A Barrier 9 will help the guns stay on. It is also very accurate. I think it’s a cool Assembler type of weapon that can be extremely effective in the hands of a good player.

If you want the gun to shoot extremely fast use a Hadron, a Flywheel and an Adapter.


Wait, adaptor counts as a reload weapon and buffs hadron? Or did I misunderstand what you’re saying?


Indeed it does poony. One of the best buffs at that. And the two guns synergize quite well


As far as I know, Adapter, not the King mine is the fastest reload weapon in the game. It reloads in 1/3 of a second or so while a King reloads once per second. Because it’s 4 energy, only Thyrsus can run it and still have a Flywheel.


Thanks guys for the information on the Adapter! Did not know about that synergy.

Hat’s off


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Thanks DarthStall about the Barrier 9! Good information about how to keep the guns from melting off!

You rock mang!

The base damage is 65 per round in the burst, making its quad shot (when it has its perk charge) 260 base damage. Dueling a scorp omamori, it would take 5 volleys (perk shots) on a single gun to take 1 scorp. But with a hadron, you can get off 3 shots before the scorp gets two if you time your peek right and theirs is an extended peek as well. Pair it with a cloak and you have a good chance to get their gun below half health before they get much of a chance to retaliate. But its still not as good as 2 scorps on omamori, but it shouldnt be as a $10 legendary, imo. You arent immediately out of a fair fight, but you will have to outperform the scorp to win a straight up 1v1.

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Think it gonna shine at lower PS(5.6-6K PS) and fade away higher you go PS. 1100 durability matter less, and damage don’t get boosted by hardware all that much. Plus it’s model is more chunky and harder to hide than Kaiju.
The devs try to balance things for all PS so it’s rather likely to be even nerfed, cause in current state is likely to be too OP at lower PS.

I’m not very excited to get this gun.

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its not a bad weapon, but from experience of people who used it, its viable only if there are wreckages rly. Also this weapon is bigger than kaiju.

as i remember it had only 1500 damage to ball without perk(wreckage), just raw damage.

With perk it did nice damage but i dont remember numbers now. (in missions i guess it might be ok)

And since its reload based, flash/typhoon perks work much agaisnt it.


Good info Crushade! Thanks mang for taking the time to post!

You rock the Kasbah!


JB is running the Thyrsus Adapter Flywheel Hadron. The funniest part is him pushing around wrecks to charge his shots.