Tickets and shell casings

i read they are going to decide on what to do with these resources and go from there on whatll happen to them. i dont mind casings and tickets being in the game and i like the idea of getting other resources to use on various other means. but what do you all think theyll do with them?
honestly i want to keep them in the game, keep them tradable and use them for things like holiday event items or just decorative items. i think it would be ok to use them for different things or even use them as a resource to enter certain new modes added to the game. (pve not pvp)
what do you all think theyll do with them and what would you all like to happen to the two resources coupons and shell casings?

I’d rather there be ONE currency in the game… coupons, casings, coins, crosscrowns… it’s nonsense meant to psychologically remove you from the idea that you may be spending real money.

For me, it just complicates things and not in a fun way.

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crosscrowns i agree with doesnt need to be in the game. but for things like tickets and casings they are in game items that you can acquire and not spend real money on. coins well… how are you going to buy anything without a main currency?

I suggested a number of times to revamp how players craft decor, paint, and CKs. To me that would be the best way to make use of side resources like shells and coupons.

Crosscrowns are in because of some of the game platforms markets require some funky work arounds in order to be updated quickly.