Tips for heli players. A community topic

My tip USE ATOMS.example build posted for a good way to use them. Atoms are really good at protecting near by parts do to their Perk, meaning a heli with charged atoms can easily have under mounted or near mounted equipment survive hits that can normally disable it.

that and they sort of look cool when mounted right.


Tips for heli players:

Make sure you have more Nests than talent.


Someone is salty, but here are ways to counter the nests.

Argus, cloak, being near an ally who can shoot them off, griffin, that one cab that forces them to disconnect, medium range, long range, any range what so ever.

Seriously nests are point blank in the air and as such easily delt with.

if all above fails on PC Q and E are your friend for rapid unpredictable movement to force them to miss.

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Range is a non-factor in this game, driving straight into the enemy has been the meta since this game’s release because long range weapons have no punch lol.

It sucks ass having to carry a 1 energy Argus around just because some talentless hack picked the dumb weapon that does 99% of the job he can’t do for him.

I feel like nests were a lot better on helicopters last time.
I tried a harpy/nest/trombone build initially, but you have to get so close to ground vehicles to target them, which is tricky now due to the amount of cover they have on a lot of the maps.
Still good against other aircraft, but seems like hurricanes perform better in that role, as well as being better at targeting ground vehicles.

Haven’t been using any homing missiles myself since that first day, as there are lots of other options that perform just as well and are more fun to play.

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Here’s a tip: Use the ground caves to take cover in a battle that you are losing. No one says you have to stay in the air the whole time. Instead throw some hovers or whatever on your build to drive around with then turn off the rotor and leave bad air battles. You’d be surprised how quickly helicopters will forget about you and move on after you barricade into a cave.


I’ve seen a few people running flying spiders with gerrida legs. Seems to work pretty well for them, as they’re still dangerous even if you take off their rotors, and even before that point the legs allow them to hide in tunnels and snipe other helicopters.

And if you are running a ground-only build, those tunnels are a very good place to hang out.


Has anyone noticed if multiple rotors add tonnage? According to the numbers, I gain no extra tonnage from a second rotor. Handling was about the same as well.

On the other hand, I had situations twice where, if I had two different rotors, sometimes one would start up but the other didn’t, especially after a crash landing.

It should add to tonnage, since they have tonnage stats.
I did have an incident where I forgot to set all my rotors to the same button, so only one was working.

so i tried using 2 hurricanes on a heli build and they are VERY usable on helis, the only issue is reload speed. so if you want to use them id need to suggest hadron, king, 2 hurricanes and a reload booster.
hurricanes on these builds make alot of sense and they fit helis perfectly. the only bad thing about them being size and reload speed. regardless though they are still decent to use.

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I think that is the meta but it don’t seem that many people if anyone have caught on to that playstyle yet. I’m absolutely dominating game after game after game with my flying spider.

My strategy is to use helicopter mode as secondary and use ground mode as my primary form of movement. There is so much cover on these maps and really good spots you can go to farm bot’s without being shot at by air vehicles when your in ground mode. You can’t cap being stuck in helicopter mode either. I think it is a bad idea to be flying around in the open being shot at from all angles so I usually don’t enter chopper mode unless safe to do so. Here’s a gameplay video I posted.