Tips please. (acceleration)

So, i went from this

to this

to this

with this change i thought i was the fastest (excluding Hovers with reapers), but still there are some wheeled builds that i can’t close the distance.

I ditched Apollo, for the lightest gen out there, i reworked the frames to a bare minimum, one good shot and the all thing will go kabum, i gave up a drone and three pieces of “armour”. i switched the cab, and the co-driver

I don’t know what else can i take off
I can’t mount boosters.

I’m not looking for top speed only but also acceleration

Get rid of two of your ST wheels, and make sure you have two non-ST wheels in the mix to keep your tonnage up. With a cabin and engine that reach 120, Falcon is often your best choice, or the one that reduces movement part power drain (forgot which one that is).

Also, Bigfoots are the slowest accelerating wheel. Hermits or buggy wheels give you a lot more acceleration.


It’s not that they are ST wheels. It’s the power drain they have. Bigfoot has one of the worst power drain of all the wheels. Move to a smaller wheel (with less drain) is really what you want to do.

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That would also be my first recommendation, but if he’s sticking with Bigfoots, six is too many to be fast. And non-ST have significantly less power drain.

Hermits or buggy wheels would be the faster choice for sure.

I think you can get up to max tonnage with four Bigfoot ST, but swapping in two non-ST will definitely be faster.

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I normally tried to get away with st, non-st, st with those but It left a lot to be desired when it came to acceleration. You can upgrade them which brings them down to -17 drain but the improvement isn’t that much. I have a set of the large wheels upgrade like that and I still find them slow.

I would still recommend moving to more efficient wheels.

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I was so disappointed when I finally got Bigfoots and found out how sluggish they are.

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one of my radiance builds is an aggressor cabin 4 buggy st wheels and 2 buggy non st wheels and a cheetah engine , it will hit 100 before it gets to the ramp coming out of the garage … of all the wheels ive tried buggy feel the fastest


With the exception of the omni’s and hovers most of the wheels are pretty straight forward in energy power consumption to acceleration. The others are a little more power hungery for their listed values.

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You can also fuse wheels for more traction. That helps acceleration.


I can’t change the wheels i’m tied up to Bfs + cheetah ( drones) without the two the freaking things will take forever to spawn , time i don’t have 99% of the time.
and only the drones are in the “upper deck” .
But i did this

And it is much better now.

I’m so use to 6 wheels that driving with 4, i noticed the difference when turning but as general handling it behaves well.

Also i had the misfortune to be hit in the wrong place in this test run

I’m not driving a glass cannon, i’m driving a thing that’s much more fragile than glass :slight_smile:
But it’s a easy fix since i’m half a ton lighter.


Loosing 2 wheels is also a fair option. doing ST, Non-ST would be the best.

You could grab hertz if that’s what your stuck with that will max the bonus you can get out of that combo. That will give you -20% for speed and travelled Distance requirements.

That would also open you up to maybe using just 2 bigfoot non-st and a smaller wheel set ST in the front.

Do you need Yuki for this build? Try Falcon or Grizzly for more of an acceleration boost.
Then try adding some armour back. With your power drain reduced, you may be able to carry more mass.

Also, you might want to try shrinking your build a bit, so that you don’t have so much exposed frame to protect, and for more nimble handling.

In PVP i use Grizzly because of durability and mass limit, i unlocked Yuri because of tonnage ( more acceleration), i totally forgot about movement parts penalty.
I will see that tomorrow

I already shrunk the build by 8 pins, handling it’s fine, that chunk that i lost was because the gen was hit. There isn’t almost any frame to get hit, it’s an I with 1x8 and 1x6 frames. But if one of them get hit i lose the entire back or the entire front.
The only difference for a skeleton racing build from the good old days it’s the modules, even the “armour”, i saw much heavier racing builds back in the day.
Let’s see how my luck turns out tomorrow ( i only did 1 run with 4 wheels) and yes, the car seems a bit more naked without those two addicional Bfs.

Tempting suggestion.
I like buggy wheels, i have buggy wheels i also have studded wheels, I used them a lot for racing back in the day, there isn’t anything faster than studded wheels going out of the gate.
I have resources to unlock one more co-driver after that i have to grind for it, i didn’t decided which one but Hertz could be one of them.
Billie and Jay i know i will not unlock them for now.

You don’t have to use buggies do you have upgraded hermit st’s from that BP? They work well too.

For pure speed, camber wheels (especially the fused BP ones) are pretty good. A little too delicate for PVP, outside of low PS.

The hermit st’s from the bp are -10% too it’s the same rate which is why some say they are op…

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Don’t scrimp on frame usage. Frames weigh very little for what you get.

Fast wheels are: Buggy, Landing gear, gun mount wheels. Yup, they limit how much weight you can put on your build. But you can hit 120 with many cabins with high acceleration.

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Top speed 121 kph
But very unstable turning in high speeds
very nervous and jumpy

other thing happened
i did some 10 games in a roll as a Ravager

On the ice i can’t turn because if i turn just a little it goes sideways forever

lower cg and making it 2 pins wider would help stabilize