Tired of changes hurting my accomplishments

I’m getting really tired of your changes negating all the effort I put into the game. I don’t care what anyone says I worked hard to unlock all levels of my codrivers and even if some people like the new codrivers better I WORKED FOR THE OLD ONES NOT THE NEW ONES I DON’T WANT ANY OF THE NEW ONES THEY ALL STINK . Just like when I fused 8 Whirlwinds for an epic leviathan and you changed the energy rules and suddenly five of my fused whirlwinds were wasted effort. AND YOU DO THIS AND YOU DO IT OVER AND OVER. I tried being open minded and accepting the new codrivers and I can’t shake off the amount of work I put into the old ones, you negated all that work for like the seventeenth time in three years . . .

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Oh BTW I can’t honestly continue making goals in this game, because there’s a good possibility you will delete my accomplishments. My time I spend logged in now I just want to throw a fit and fbomb everyone at Gaijin out of existence. That’s not how I want my games to make me feel . . . . so I guess I can’t log in anymore, I can’t grit my teeth and push through this one, it’s happened too many times, I will go play a game where they don’t constantly negate my accomplishments . . .

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I would highly recommend re-enabling the old codrivers and let people choose, and make it front page news, that may be the only way to save those of us who are effectively gone

and don’t bother replying, I turned off notifications, this post is for people to read and digest, responses will be ignored, so don’t even bother

Wow you really hate when something you did causes backlash . . . sorry you’re so sensitive to your feelings but not your patrons

Change is never easy.
I disliked the new co-drivers for the first few days, but in my opinion now, it is better, because they are less specialized to specific guns and have a broader range of usefulness for different builds.


With all respect, you seem like the one with hurt feelings judging by these few posts…

But that said, ofc it’s frustrating to work for something and then it changes in a way you don’t like.
I fully understand you.

Then again, if you want a small game to evolve into a bigger one, there MUST be changes. Sometimes drastic. Some people will like some, some people will hate some. But no changes in a small game will result in stagnation.

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your fault for working in a game.

And stop calling our waste of time “accomplishement”. Its not, we play this thing to waste time and for cheap dopamine, nothing else. Dont pretend to yourself any time you spend in XO is more meaningful than picking your nose. You sound here like childrne being proud pulling especially big bugger out of a nostril.


Oh come on… You knew what I meant. Gathering resources to unlock the drivers. How can you call that someone’s fault? I enjoy my ‘work’ on getting things in games as long as it’s fun.
Work doesn’t necessarily mean a chore.

You work towards, you enjoy immediately. Its a game - if you dont enjoy the experience, there is nothing “at the end of the road”. If they shut it down tomorrow and you didnt enjoy the process - what was it all for?
You are putting yourself in a very dark place if you actually have to get sense of accomplishment out if this. I am not judging, just warning.


That’s basically what I meant. If we are going to call it working, it means it is some effort put in for a reward. If that reward get’s taken away, you are left unhappy… That is how the man I originally replied to felt, so, I said I understand.

Now yes, if you don’t enjoy something, you shouldn’t play it.
HOWEVER, there are aspects of many games where you need to pull through and work through a less enjoyable part, in order to get something that you need to play the part you love. If we want to skip every un-enjoyable part of games, or parts where you do boring stuff to get to a place or a thing you need, there probably wouldn’t be a lot of games we could play, would it?

p.s. I can’t get to forums on weekends. Sorry for the late reply.

It is a discussion worthy topic, for us, old men.
For one - games of lately are beccoming less challenging, as result players are robbed of the “accomplishement”. Thats one of the reasons DarkSouls is a thing. Market research and fear of loosing players attention, especially on live-service/multiplayer has led to extreme “mobile style” short term/blinky style of gaming where worthelss rewards are handed out to the player every few seconds and the game plays itself.
But - it is still a game. There should be very reasonable quota of grind/enjoyment. It might make sense to push through hard section for a week to enjoy the next month. But I would reason that additionally to the relation of fun-grind there are hard limits to investment.
If you have to grind for a year to enjoy for 10 years, quota might be reasonable, but its a game and you might NOT be here to enjoy it for 10 years. You shall not invest more in this game than you get out of. And you should not be staying here because of sunken-cost fallacy.
Complaining that your year-long grind was robbed of fruits of your labor is your fault to begin with. You invested more in this game than one should invest in a game in general. Its not a marriage, its a bloody videogame at the end.

Quoted the whole post because I agree to it all.
Yes. Farm, work, call it whatever should be FUN. Unfortunately, it isn’t always. And that’s done on purpose to push players into coughing up some money to save them the trouble…
That’s free to play games for you.

At least Crossout, not having a real end game, let’s you play at the PS you like, and that PS regulates fairness pretty well… As much as it can in a ‘build whatever’ game. Big fancy gun on a paper car doesn’t do well as we all know.
So I’m ok with ‘work’ in Crossout to get affordable things. It doesn’t take forever. And those things perform equally well against expensive stuff, as long as you know what PS to stay at.
But ‘work’ here could be a little more fun… (Raids mainly).