Titanic horn

how do you get this horn? does anyone know?
also i find it odd that the horn is in the market but its not available. over the past 2 weeks no offers had come in to sell it or anything. are people hoarding them?

You can get the Titanic Horn and the Curacha out of the decoration recycling. Recycling purple and gold decor is extremely expensive though. You could instead scrap those and get electronics.

lol u talking bout that horn, i want the air raid horn but guess what its not in the game cuz apparently i missed out years ago nd not sure how ppl got since ive been playing since june 2017 nd ive seen every event nd rewards

I had one at one point, bought it for 2000 coins
Should have kept it by the looks of things, then again I had the checkers paint as well and it was dirt cheap compared to what it is going for now

Originally it was a reward in some spring or winter mayhem, the thing with tanks, like ages ago and you had to grind it insanely

Then much later on, when people could still get free stuff like youtuber paints etc you could choose between getting that horn and a few deco items, or 4 different camo paints

But now those no longer work and the only free stuff is the free packs

oh then ya i must of just gave up on it then cuz those r just bs to grind

the titanic horn isnt in the decoration recycling info. your thinking of the potemkin horn that looks very similar to it. im still wondering how to get this horn… maybe it was a past event im forgetting?

I’ve got the air raid horn, and I love it!
Pretty sure I got it through an old event, as I don’t like spending much coin on decor.

I also want that titanic horn badly, so hopefully they bring it back for an event.

The titanic horn takes about roughly 1 to 2 weeks on average to get. It is up there with other rare items like the royal trophy. Just keep your bid there and you will get it sooner or later.

i hope they add the air raid horn so i can have it going it missions and raids to annoy ppl lol

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It’s fun because it’s basically the same sound as the base capture siren, so you can make your teammates panic that they’ve been flanked.
Unfortunately you have to hold it down for a while to get it to ramp up, so it’s difficult to keep it going and still have enough fingers left to play.

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i have it key bind to my left bumper button so its alot easier to just hold down the horn


i still want that comedian’s horn, so i can fart on my foes. please make it tradeable?? :pleading_face:

The comedian horn is too quiet.
I’m thinking I should throw my Titanic horn up on the market. 10,000 anyone?