Today's update doubled my ping

On EU servers, my ping went from a constant 16ms before this update to a constant 32ms after.

Anyone else noticed anything funky?


32ms is still faster than you can click your mouse to react.

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Who asked for your armchair scientist comment that is completely unrelated to my question?

You did., by asking the question “Anyone else noticed anything funky?” to the whole world.
the funky part here being you nitpicking about not having 1 sixtieth of a second response time today but instead having 1 thirtieth of a second response time.
and making a post about a 16ms difference that is not even perceivable by humans.

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Oh… then how did i immediately notice it before even checking network info? I then looked it up because i thought i was on RU servers where my ping usually is around 55ms.

You might not notice it when playing nothing but hitscan weapons, but with slow projectile weapons where prediction and timing is crucial, even that small of a difference is very noticeable.

As a tribes1 player i can agree with your logic, but anything below 100ms is negligible.



EU servers used to be based in the Netherlands. They have now been moved to somewhere in the UK


Yeah ever since they fixed their DDOS attack problems my ping’s been doubled too from what it was, with the added bonus of now having multiple ping spikes per match, every match, guaranteed. Raids and Bedlam are sometimes unplayable due to the ping issues and sometimes just full on disconnect in the middle of playing

I hope that this is not the new norm for the game and they manage to fix it at least some before the halloween event, because currently even if it’s “fixed” I don’t consider it to be properly working, and if this general raid connection jankyness continues it’s going to make people miss out on halloween raid rewards or progression


Since the “fix” of server DDOS issues, my ping for random matches has climbed from 50-60 to 75ish…

Unfortunatelly that is not the only issue, since then, my connection stability “line” is like a heartgram and vehicle maneuvering has become clunckier and more unresponsive. Slightly, but enough to make a difference, precice maneuvering is something almost impossible under the circumstances.

In clan wars on tuesday things were better for the most part but there were matches that the problem existed.

Yesterday i played my punisher spider and i was kinda strugling to maneuver properly.

So, no you are not alone, it seems something is wrong, and i also play in EU.