Toggle Power to Movement Parts Idea

Been thinking about how different builders use a mix of movement parts on a single build. Such as Spider Legs with Hovers or Hovers with Wheels. Mainly to increase Tonnage. But what if there was a way to make these choices more useful than just adding tonnage. Whether it be through a Epic/Legendary Cab, Module or just default control in the binding menu. Allowing you to toggle power to certain movement parts. So for mix movement parts you can manage the engine power to the parts you want them to go. So instead of using ALL the movement parts thus losing a lot of acceleration you can toggle between the MPs to get as much acceleration out of them as possible.

Say for example, you have a build with Hovers and Wheels. Hovers have the multi direction of maneuverability but can be pretty high off the ground and thus easy to spot behind small cover. meanwhile you got the wheels which is forward and back movement but lower to the ground and allow you to go faster (depending on Cab and wheels). with the toggle you can switch between modes of transport. when you want the multi direction, turn on you Hovers but then if you want to make an escape or stay low, power off the Hovers and turn on the wheels. similar to that of the Wheeled Legs (can’t remember the name of them) but with multiple parts.

or you can go with a single form of hovers or legs and when you power them off you get low to the ground but unable to move till you power them back on. thus being able to hide behind cover better if trying to avoid detection and/or waiting to ambush. For Artillery you can have a wheel build with legs in the back and when you feel you need to be more directional with the Artillery weapon, just turn on the legs in the back to lift the back end up to give the needed angle at them moment instead of dealing with it throughout the match.

I think this can open even more possibilities and ideas for future builds. Just hope the idea makes sense.

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something like this… :crazy_face:

that would be fun…

they already made Bigram…so they would need to combined the two…
maybe hover legs? … like ironman…

I agree with it, new mice, keyboards, and software means limited keybinds are not so much of an issue. I have a G600 w/ 12 side buttons which means I have 24 possible keybinds available to my thumb if I use a combination bind with Alt or ctrl. Its good for 3d software such as blender and cad/cam when I get into that.