Tonnage bug fix when?

Remove that awful patch already.

Everywhere I go people are asking for it to be removed.

So when?


One can only dream of such a fix, but it seems the devs are only interested in making shit more annoying for the player base.

The game to me is in its worst state right now than it ever has been, which is a shame because they have added some pretty neat stuff but a lot of bullshit along side of it.

I used to play everyday, now I only go on when a friend messages me to play with them lol.

Everytime someone makes another post about it the lords or crossout put the idea on hold for an extra six months.

Like. How many posts u make about this already? Doesn’t it seem like insane behaviour on your part? Do you expect a different result Everytime you post a complaint about the same thing in the same way, with the same reactions from Devs?.

They will fix it by breaking 3 more things and doing nothing about that either. That’s about the only option.