Too Many MVPs?

LoL, for me, that is!

Just wanted to pass along a productive copter build. About 2 weeks ago, I built a copter with 2 x Incinerators, Blight, Ka-2, Chameleon2, Doppler. It was intended as a novelty build for bedlam to annoy people with, but it’s been extremely successful in pve.


Nearly 80% of the time, I’m getting MVP, and the other 20%, I’m usually in 2nd place. Normally, with other builds I’m somewhere in the middle, so these are great numbers for me. I’m usually only getting 1-2 kills with this copter, but alot more assisted kills. The amount of damage I’m laying out in support of the rest of the team seems respectable.





I’ve noticed in the past week more copter players arming with incinerators, so maybe they’re realizing the viability of incins on copters. I haven’t tried it out in pvp; I doubt the opposing copters would let me get away with this.


If you like incinerators on helicopters, you should try a couple Doves. Massive damage from the air, big explosions, and very satisfying.

When the enemy is grouped up, you can really devastate them with some carpet bombing.

porc copter

Ohhh! Yes to many MVPs.