Too Many Retchers, Fix plz

Recent updates have seen the days of 3 or 4 retchers in a match change down to max of 2. Now with the launch on the Mr Twister event, the patrol game mode is now generating up to 5 retcher builds in a single match. The 11945ps retcher builds either need items adding to them to ramp up their ps, or remove them from the game altogether. zero enjoyment or point to playing a game mode that is so heavily stacked on a “easier version” of the PvP scrap battle.
= Change retcher generation in patrols or remove the patrol game mode?

If the bots are targeting you, your too close.

This. A good patrol strategy is to stay to the rear of the front line of bots, allow the opposing bots to pick a target that isn’t you, then attack them in weak points, such as degunning them or hitting their generators, engines and ammo boxes.

Also, get a cloak. Bots will target someone else if you are cloaked. Also, get machine guns. Retchers are powerful but they are easy to hit and fragile. They come right off.