Too much hover

The hoovers are too powerful, too many and too many at all power scores.
depending on the game, the game is unplayable, the bots go on vacation, the inexperienced player plays less than optimal constructions and in front we have pro players who play the mobility piece: the icarus.

I lose many of my games in times ranging from 1:20 to 56 seconds. it’s despicable to play in such conditions, a cannon hover made me take off the side of the build which slowed me down, it ended up turning me over. on another part I pass under a hover my cabin touches the chassis I explode.

I’m not looking to play victory, I play from 6000 to 7600 ps for fun, shield, trombone, aurora … but how to have fun when a Naruto runner totally inevitable, untouchable and now impossible to flee (or catch up) targets me?

I am forced to take out my cars cancer, dogo, lance boom see … hovers …

remove the Icarus and give their mobility to the Omnie wheels. or get out of the small mechanical leg very quickly… but there, being fought by counter stike players against cars that brake badly… it’s no longer fun. the game has been around for 5 years, maybe it’s time to move the lines… I’m starting to get tired of crying for the same reason.

know that plays less, I buy more packs and I don’t intend to take the season pass since I know that in any case, no matter my vehicle if it’s not a dogo or an assassin I would get beaten. and it is no longer a question of skill…

when we go 120 km / h in all directions without slowing down, that the enemy which passes below us loses a weapon see the wheels (wtf) or the life there is certainly a dose of talent on the part of the players, but the Icarus has natural advantages that I would never have with wheels, mechanical legs or Omnies… (I play hovers too, but on the side… and people will be led to play hovers over time, until that there are more than hovers.)

google translate, I am French.


So should there be a safer mode provided with less hovers less people and less rewards?

Ummmm… no?

Hovers would not be such a problem if they did not completely destroy wheeled builds in general with their supercharged update