Tools to quantify the endless mediocrity of players

A big thank you to the devs for adding the damage counter to raids , now , not only do we know that those randoms ( words are redacted or replaced due to flagging sensitivity) not only are completely (redacted) , suck (redacted) , are the produce of imbred (redacted),(redacted),(redacted).
BUT now as a bonus and all game long we are reminded of their incompetence and irrelevance .ALL GAME LONG !
and not only can we appreciate their insane skills , but also enjoy the balance in rewards , because getting 3X more damage than those (redacted) will only give you like 10 % more reward. where is the fairness?
i kindly offer a bunch of “”"(redacted)’’’’ for you to add and place at your own leisure.
Best regards.or not.

Weapon type makes a big difference in scoring regardless of skill.

I agree, if we score 3x more we should get more reward.

you don t go into a knife fight with a pink oblong piece of rubber designed for onanic practices(ffs this flagging evasion is getting tedious).
if someone can t afford a proper weapon , he does patrols until he can , and leaves raids and pvp to normal people.

Those numbers heavily depend on the map and enemies faction.

And skill, too.

Hi, I will say that rozbierznosc prizes to rally modes and their ability to win quickly is too large, games like the war for fire, etc. should be better rewarded, and that was not boring can combine it with the topic above and give there a greater reward for dmg and destruction than for the mission itself?
It was because it was very interesting, because players who sweat on rallies and play for three in these particular rallies, which are not as profitable, these as others would be mega interesting and would find a large group of farm fanatics

Yours sincerely, TaIIger

says the abortion residue who feels compelled to post everywhere to chase his own irrelevance. have a nice day , and keep on like that !

also you are perfectly correct. i printed 10 of those screenshots and rubbed my titties with mayonnaise just to feel alive for a few extra seconds.

Looks like it was exactly one of those posts lmao

wow i just checked your in game profile , i feel dirty for even addressing you now … 4% MVP rate 0 CW battle , you re a joke that should better remain silent for your own sake. this is the last time i post here… this place should not exist to begin with.
Good bye.

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I have given up trying to have any reasonable discussion here , the current meta , game population(especially the forums) are in a horrible state. Don’t get me started about the fact this game is starting too look like a mobile game , it seems it also attracts that kind of people I guess. Regards (I dont know if they are the best)

Lmao you are seething because your team decided to sit back and let YOU carry while they just chill. You already got nearly double their reward for having that many more points.

Shhh. Don’t be telling how I use noobs to everyone! :wink:

I laugh at the people that run around killing stuff away from the objective. I’m in the raid to get engineer badges, not for the rewards of the raid. I just have to remember to gas/reverse tap every once in awhile.