Top 30 clans dropping games on purpose to farm extra uranium from lower divisions

Can someone investigate this bs? its completely unfair playing on 200-300 points vs ppl that regularly play at 600+.

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I’m not invalidating your claim, but… I’m not sure if they’re even doing it on Purpose. CW doesn’t have enough participating teams for league match making to work properly.

That being said… I wouldn’t doubt that some teams derank to get more uranium.

Ive seen chat logs of clans setuping groups that have to do some score and sd next round to drop below a certain division so the other group can farm that too. A lot of clans do this because its just sooo much easy uranium

That’s quite the mouse and cat game, what will happen when everyone is gonna be doing this? Go back to the old way of ranking up? Then rinse and repeat? If there’s not enough teams like you say, wouldnt that piss/boring people out of clan wars after a while? I’m questionning cause I don’t CW but I see the similar issue in normal pvp or patrol when theres not enough of people and you get mixed teams of half 10k ps with another half 16k+ ps.

And if the issue is not enough people to both CW and pvp/patrol, I don’t think any singular change/update would solve anything. Rather, many small changes to improve the game.

The game has been watered down over the years with to many things going on at one time.

More options and modes are good for a health game with a big community. But for smaller games like this the more you can do at the same time make the experience worse because you don’t have enough people to do the same thing.

They really need to condense some of the game features to funnel the remaining player into the same places.


Every major clan on PC deranks and re-ranks for uranium farming. Have for… a long time.

(And the issue isn’t a matter of not enough people, it’s a matter of increased uranium production. Full Stop.)

Any good clan can cap Ore no mater what rank they are in.

If they have to de-rank to win then they have way more issues then Ore.

You’re right about that. People will do anything for Uranium. Didn’t H4TE rig a matches with having other teams throw?
I remember that clans would play early Sunday morning so they would get easier matches.
Players will also clan hop to get the most Uranium. There’s a reason why a majority of participating clans in CW are in Rust and Tin.
CW needs an overhaul.

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Yep, it’s an efficiency thing to cap and nothing more. PC players prefer to work smarter, not harder. This leads to sometimes unsavory behavior.

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