Ховеры имбуют

Где обещаное снижение скорости до 90 км? Где обещащое снижение высоты над поверхностью?
Ховеры тупо лютуют со своей манёвренностью и скоростью, так еще и высоко. Пилой не достаю притом, что край пилы находится на 8 пинов от земли, это типо я должен строить вышкумобиль что-ли?


You’re in the wrong hood.

It’s “forum crossout ru” for you.

Answering your question: next update. Summer '23.

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Had to translate it for my own curiosity… Our friend @97735668 Kehich got it.


Maybe if fat whales promise Targem that they will dump 10k $ in fused Omnis…

They also promised to increase their tonnage 50%, reduce their spread on the move, and give them sturdier frames to compensate for the armor pen mechanisms, so don’t get your hopes up. Next meta is 100% Typhoon Oma hover retardation, with a dash of Masto hover for heating

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Yeah, the update might be a sad day for XO.

I hope we are not doing a complete 360 back to a meta that dominated for years. The Typhoon days of CWs were awful, it was only fun for the ones shooting the fish in the barrel. (And even that gets old fast)

Then you get the guys that are all “Look at me guys, I’m so skilled because I play cannons.” - those dudes only come around when Typhoons are OP. (I’m sure we will see them again)

I’m not against people using the most powerful OP weapons (I do it myself). It’s just the people that act like they all of a sudden became super skilled and gods gift to CrossOut after a patch that made their guns OP that bugs me.

If your guns OP, then just own it. Be like “Hell yeah, I play this because it’s easy mode.” I can understand that.


You keep echoing my thoughts…

If you’re not attempting to find the best weapon/cab/hardware/wheel combo in the game & then attempting to build the best iteration of that possible, then you don’t get what it means to play Crossout.

At the same time if you discover a kink in the game that makes a combo OP, and then pretend like it’s your mad gaming skillz & not that combo… well…

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