Потери связи сервера

Захожу в бой,не могу стрелять,но при этом могу кататься по всей карте.
Союзники при этом тоже катаются,как и враги
Но при этом бывает и врагов не загружает в бой.
Затем нажимаю " выйти в гараж" , начинается долгая загрузка и затем вылет на стартовый экран и ошибка “потеряно соединение с сервером”
Пробовал разные регионы,везде тоже самое

i dont know what you wrote, but i disagree

Try Russian forum.

пишите в поддержку) https://support.gaijin.net/hc/ru

It looks like a server or connection error, try putting the launcher in exclusions, maybe your antivirus detects the launcher as a threat

Also ty the repair button on the launcher if you are on PC.

just wait it out…it will clear up on its own :saluting_face:

No clue why RU players post their stuff in the ENG forum in Cyrillic, most people can’t read it and not everyone gonna use a translating program, They have their own dedicated forum so why not post there? If you can get help in the RU forum, you’re sure in hell ain’t gonna get it in the ENG forum, the Devs kicked everyone not in RU out of the Marshrutka a long time ago and left us stranded, and haven’t looked back, I assume they pay at least some attention to the RU forum so why post it here?.. :eyes:

well, most civilized countries use ENG, even if they speak 2+ other languages where one is Native language.

But RU players speak only rus. Based on communication with them they usually dont even speak other language, thats why.