Tothe DEVS

I love the rad but bring out both for over heat and cool down, plus new heavy cab have it so it has 30,000 mass with more nd less weight bonus perk for in season pass, people will jump to buy the pass

Uhh… that’s the point.

And I’m certain the cab will only have 24,000 mass limit, like all the other legendary heavies.

true but the cabs dont usually have more nd less mass bonus in the season pass when it comes to heavy cabs

All the pass cabs are fused for mass, self destruct time, and durability or speed, either will happen.

However, fusing a heavy cab for mass limit won’t give it 30,000 mass (could be wrong, don’t have a fused cohort or machinist).

yes for heavies its usually 1 or the other when it come to the season pass perk tho and more mass is about 27,000 or 28,000 max cant remember, im not on crossout right now but my max build mass is almost 31,000 but my engine isnt upgraded for more mass tho, why ive been asking for a cab with 30,000 plus mass so my build can run the big relic cannons if i ever get them lol

26, 400 is max mass for cohort nd machineist

The fused cohort/machinist having 26,400 would mean using a pegasus would get you about 30,000, yes?

when it comes to mass, the max you can have fused is 26,400 kg. if you use the pegasus that climbs to 30,100 max. the fusion only gives 10% extra mass so if its 20,000 then you gain 2000 extra mass. in this case its 24,000 and 10% is 2,400 so 26,400.

if you fuse the pegasus though it will be a little more as the gave it 10% mass instead of 3% like before.
so 10% of 3,700 is 370 so 4,070 would be the new mass limit for it.

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