TOW nerfed again!

So after co-drivers system change, oldest and forgotten already almost useless weapon-TOW clarinet got nerfed again! It lost old driver with +2 bonus seconds flight time. If you nerfed TOW and deducted flight time why not give bonus for this weapon , I think best and smartest would be - when rocked is launched and then you press again launch button it starts flying faster without control ( like it is now) but then it makes bigger damage. Now rocket makes same damage when hits target in control mode and same damage when you fast launch it and you cant control it… make no sense. DEVS JUST FORGOTTEN POOR CLARINET TOW :confused:

Actually all single tubed rockets lost out their old bonuses with the new system. As a lot of people use to just use bulldog for the 3% dmg. Tow had it’s own but same deal…

You can use Jay with the Tow (or other solo tuber) but it’s difficult to pick up charges without a companion long distance weapon to help charge it. Each charge will boost it by 7% dmg up to 4 charges.

I know what you mean but even this co-driver is almost useless for TOW because that charge never gets to 4 charges, time runs out faster then it charges or you miss one shoot and it’s done… The thing is that now without +2 seconds bonus can’t even reach most enemies :smiley: I don’t know how devs working in this game, they first add new money making things forget about old ones and screw them. If they not add extra flight time for TOW then at least they can make that faster flight dmg bonus I mentioned, I think it would be very good and reasonable solution for TOW.

What you mean?

Yeah the lack of flight time really shows, I wish they’d have boosted the TOW on the same update, but then again it needs a lot more work than that and developers most likely won’t do any of that work

Some guns just seem to be abandoned as a whole