Track drift

I’ve noticed that my tracked builds are sliding around like they were wheeled builds. After years (it seems) with the same builds it’s a jarring change: I was used to how much turning effort to use and now I’m over-steering and drfting around a lot in builds that used to be rock-solid. They aren’t flipping over like in the old days when you’d catch an edge and spin like a top but this latest change has turned tracks into drift buggies as opposed to something that kept its course (though at the cost of turn radius which I was mostly fine with).

Or is just me? Seems they did something to track mechanics again.

If it was to completely eliminate the sudden flipping from “catching an edge” that’s good I suppose but I’d already solved it by mixing in non-steering wheels and paying attention to length/width ratio (plus testing, testing and more testing on bumpy ground).

Yep they reworked the tracks; they can spin around in place alot faster and added a speed boost to the 4 types I use. I’m happy with that change and even put tracks back on some of my builds.


Try taking your finger off the gas for a second while turning. This now allows you to go straight into rotating, giving you the ability to do some really interesting maneuvers.
It’s going to take a little while for my muscle memory to adapt, but tracks are looking really promising right now.


But the tracks don’t seem to have much… you know…



Sincerely, i don’t know about traction now.

I have to see if i can push what i could push before.
But good point

I play wheels mostly for PS optimization and speed and occasionally play tracks for slow durable builds.
I find tracks behave very similar to wheels now and it feels great, although I don’t have much experience with them after update, just some tests. I suspect they might lost their grip advantage(like moving on top of crafts when lifted or resistance to being pushed), but idk, didn’t played them much and don’t plan to, heavy builds always prove to be inferior.

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Outside of getting pushed around still I like most of the changes. I seem to push just as well though.

The climbing abilities could use a little work but I’m not sure how compatible that is with the current changes. i.e drifting at speed is good though drifting down a steep climb sideways while going really slow not as good. The drifting at speed helps a ton with the issue of them flipping. The speedier rotation turning helps a lot too.

I think they are a little more fun now and I’ve used them on my cannons for dailies for a long time.

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I’m trying to think of some builds to make that take advantage of the changes. Maybe a flamethrower tank? Or a classic gremlin tank?
They feel better than ever before, IMO.

I’ve been mostly playing a dual fat-man on tank tracks with a carapace cab (for the challenges). It comes in around 11k-ish. I can’t say it’s the tankiest tank but I end up brawling cqc with it often (players just don’t rush the center fast enough sometimes) but did so before the change too. It’s just easier to not be completely out maneuvered now than it was.

I’d still probably lean more to mid or long range weapons for them with the exception of some of the smaller tracks unless you want to count on the enemy coming to you.

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So far the only track builds I’ve tested were an old fatman/hadron/king/Sleipnir build and a omnibox/vindicator/Sleipnir build. Both work much better now. The quick rotate is a game changer for me.

I think I’m going to try a machinist/kaiju/tank track next (probably with some Sleipnirs as well to get my tonnage up). And then something close range (probably gremlins).

Definitely going to grind out a set of small tracks soon. Wish I’d never sold mine.

I’ve never had a flipping issue, but that might be because all my track builds look like this:

Flipping was more common on small tracks but would sometimes effect other solo pairs if they could get enough speed which normally wasn’t the case. Sometimes instead of flipping it would just create a spinout like effect too.

Yeah, the spin out thing used to be a problem with most tracks, if you were turning at high speed and hit a bump. Was fun in a funny way, but made them difficult to play.
So over the years, they made various adjustments to tracks and augers to increase stability, but arguably took away a lot of the fun factor and made them a lot less agile.
This new change brings back the fun and agility, but doesn’t seem nearly as tippy as they used to be years ago.

Quite the effect, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately this change is mostly a negative for me: most of my track builds are for long range snipers and I’m just not digging the weird drifting. I have a melee build in Exhibition that’ll benefit so it’s not all bad.

The track drifting is also immersion breaking.

One good thing is I’ve dusted off my fused Bigfoot ST’s which is about the best grippy/non-drifting wheel now for the builds where I don’t want the rear end fishtailing about.

I used small tracks every day for years, they took away their heart and soul.
Feels like they used wheel code with minor alteration , for me the benefit of using tracks has decreased not increased. Hermit wheels are better in every way now , we took so many nerfs on small tracks before , but I was still using them , they made the turning circle way to big that is why people used wheels it took strategic driving to do anything with them but they still had a bit of pushing power.
Now white wheels can push small tracks around like a toy , its like driving on ice , how on earth you would see this as a benefit baffles me . They were slower but precise, there change of direction had a big delay on them making it impossible to avoid some damage like before. After everything they were different compared to wheels , now they are basically handicapped wheels. Off course you can do “interesting manoeuvres” but they are not precise and people here seem to enjoy them drifting more than talking about what a track is supposed to be. Track = Traction and we have non of that now . If you like to drift , there are a plenty of wheels in these games guys. If you don’t play tracks I understand but I play all of them and they all feel broken to me including omniwheels.
If you have another opinion I respect that these are just my 2cent .
Pls make tracks grip again DEVs. cheers

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Wheels have been able to push tracks for a while. I’m surprised that your acting like that’s a new effect. Most track users have been complaining about that for a long time. I’d like them to have stiff defensive against pushing too but that does not mean they can’t drift when driving at speed either.

They should be able to do both depending on speed and surface conditions. I’m not opposed to looking at more reference videos what do you have?

I play all of them but the tracks to me looser feel better and it’s not because the are less precise it’s because I can keep up with the other parts in a fantasy game. Some of the parts hardly have a modern analog to go by so like I said before post reference behaviors you think they should work like. That way we can look at it as you want it to behave like.

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I played some tracks for a while last night, and the more I practice with the new handling, the more I love it.

You can make much sharper turns now when you want to, but have smoother steering when you want it as well. Acceleration is also noticeably better. I really think anyone complaining about the change just needs to spend some
time learning how to take advantage of the new capabilities.

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I’m calling it: Small tracks are hands down the best movement part in the game right now. Use a powerful light fast purple or gold cab, 6-8 small tracks and a Golden Eagle. You can now drive full speed, spin out and face behind you or any other direction without losing speed like a hover or the old dreaded pre 2.0 slingshot wheels.

Sooner or later this is going to catch on with everyone. Y’all have been complaining about facing META builds and getting smashed. What do you call it when you invent a META and smash it into relevance?

Dr. Darth’s Prescription: Take An Aggressor, 6 Small Tracks and a Golden Eagle with your weapon of choice and call me in the morning. If you have a slower light cab, use Phobos.

End RX.

If this doesn’t work for you, your Crossout account might be terminal.


:crazy_face: i love my small tracks now,although using only 2 of them for incinerator purposes is very difficult :shushing_face:


Yeah, I’m already seeing lots of small tracks in higher PS ranges than you would normally see them.
Even Goliaths seem to be improved a lot, making me think I should finally give them a try.