Track problems

1.In reality, the tracks are one of the weakest positions in the armored vehicle, and in the game, they become armor to protect other parts, which is ridiculous.In the setting, the tracks are stronger than the tires, but should not be used as armor, it should be able to pass through damage.
2.When you use 3 or 4 small tracks to connect together he looks like a big track, but much faster than a real big track,So why do large tracks have to be slower than multiple small tracks? Speed should not depend on the size of the track itself.
3,A high-speed medium-load track is required (if the first two cannot be achieved) The small track has a lower load, and the triangular track speed is not enough, and the new track combines their advantages and makes up for their shortcomings.

You got it wrong because:
That’s not because the tracks are strong, it’s because the armour is weak in the game.
In reality, the tracks are weaker than the tank using them because the tank is a behemoth of a cabin with super tough armour. In game it’s a fragile cabin with shitty armour plates stuck to it that fall off when hit by machine gun bullets…

If in reality a machine gun could make a tank’s armour plates fall off, then you could compare the game and reality.

Tracks need a buff.

In this sentence, I am only starting from a realistic point of view, not from a balance point of view, and I do not deny that the track needs to be strengthened, weakened by reliability, and can be enhanced more from other aspects such as maneuvering

Pointless post. There was already an announcement about buffs to the bigger tracks. And Hardened tracks and small tracks are fine as is.

For example, what track would you choose when beholder wasn’t equipped with a hotred engine? If it is a small track you need to equip 9 small tracks to reach the maximum weight, which not only loses the weight of the track itself but also a lot of power,if it is a triangular track, the speed is the same as that of a hover, and it is difficult to catch up with them

And now that the armored tracks have almost reached the maximum speed of the heavy cabin in combat, do you see anyone using him?

I see a surprising amount of people using tracks at a wide range of PS on PS4. Some do well with them, and some struggle.
I like tracks, but currently the only ones I own are the tank tracks. Goliaths are the only ones I’ve never tried, but I might soon.

I just wish they’d adjust the tonnage to mass ratio to be better on the larger tracks.


you answered your own question

the main reason is size and weight. small tracks are smaller thus they weigh less and can move faster but they have the disadvantage of a bad turning angle as well as less durability.
large tracks are much larger, can absorb more damage, are more durable, have a far better turning radius, but at the cost of them weighing more and they move slower due to that weight and size.

dont get me wrong though, when stationary and turning they can turn well to. but its the size and weight that matters.

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On light builds I’d use a mass engine like golden eagle for small tracks. On a beholder I would use a tonnage engine with light tracks, because then my speed will be around 90km in harmony with said tracks. This also gives you more power because you need less tracks. Yes light tracks have deminishimg returns as your build gets heavier, that’s why on a heavier medium cabs like beholder a tonnage engine is best.

As far as hardened tracks go on a beholder your best off with a golden eagle and a power fused cabin. A tonnage engine won’t get your more speed so those are a bit of a bust on that combo in some respects. You should be able to catch hovers with a golden eagle hardened track beholder build. The cabs base speed is in a good spot for that pairing and its pretty optimal.

I personally don’t have any trouble catching a hover on small tracks. On a hardened track build that goes 85km I can catch hovers too. Tracks are very good for catching hovers(obviously not the big tracks).

Yeah. I use them.

Tracks biggest problem is hovers and dogs. Nerf those two and they can perform better. Small tracks are exempt because they are overpowered with all the buffs they have received. 95kmh speed, sky high HP, full reverse speed, crazy turning and handling. I had a halftrack executioner build about 3 years ago that I regularly got MVP with. Tracks never got nerfed, but hovers get so many shiny ranged alpha weapons and dogs get so many advantages and perk stacks.
Furthermore the problem with tracks is they have too much dura. When you make a part’s niche its HP, it is not possible to give it mobility without making it op. We used to have terrain affecting vehicle handling but targem removed that. Tracks would have shone on every type of terrain.

Normally tanks are speed governed (limited) because of a few reasons:

  1. Fuel usage (something we don’t have to worry about.)
  2. Stress applied to treads.
  3. Speed and accuracy long distance weapons do not mix well with unguided munitions in combat.

What if there was a mode switch for some tracks. I.e. it switches from governed (default on mode) to ungoverned (a higher max speed) in of something like simulated wear to the tracks. It would basically deplete durability at speeds over normal max over distance when turned off. Showing the current durability percentage on a gauge. The mode would not improve handling of turns and would mostly be good for gap closing and retreats in straightaways.

even if tracks are high durability, this wouldnt be a good decision and i can see this causing issues. tracks are meant to be durable and be able to withstand alot of damage. but even then you have machine guns and even some cannons which can penetrate through tracks and deal dammage to the insides of the car while also dealing additional damage. i dont need my tracks falling off mid ride while im trying to make an escape or trying to position better.

i propose a gauge which lets us use an “overdrive” mode. when activated it boosts the speed of tracks by a limited amount and gives slightly increased damage resistance to tracks. upon disabling it you either have to stand still to charge it or keep moving to charge the gauge back up. that sound a bit better?

It was kind of meant to be a harsh tradeoff and difficult decision for the player when looking at the health percentage gauges for the tracks. The entire point of the gauges was to leave it at the players discretion and familiarity to utilize it. Your reaction isn’t much different then what mine was and still is for the Astraeus. I have a pair of them even though I hate the exchange rate even with the current updated lower dmg rate as the reduction is still too high for a lot of usage with medium hp builds. Is it still useful though yes sometimes. Looking at it again though the only portion this would be useable to would be medium and light cabs though.

If you did it like your suggest people would almost always switch it on to get from shot location to shot location so long as the immobility time is reasonable. As far as adding damage resistance I’m not trying to fix it by just tossing unneeded buffs at them either. If the dmg resistance were added people would just turn it on while sitting still just to soak extra damage. If they were to always use it then there’s no difference in just giving them the permanent boost which I don’t think they really need. i.e. they only sometimes have to close a big gab only sometimes do they feel their armor is in a state that they have to retreat fast. Still wouldn’t workout right for heavies and only would effect lighter cabs.

Fair thoughts but won’t work going over it again, without other changes too it.

No they are not. They are used to reduce the ground pressure of heavy vehicles. In this game they neutral steer and have full reverse speed, they should lose some durability and grip, especially the small tracks. Being slow is fine, the problem is fast builds having too much durability atm.

Pressure induces stress which is for the most part damaging if you were being realistic about it. It’s one of the larger reasons they put speed governors in tanks as speed increases the rate of stress. In game they are meant to be durable if your only using 2 tracks you are dead in the water if you lose one. If you can’t reliably use only 2 it would be screwing over a lot of early lvl track users. There’s really no logical reason to have them lose grip they should grip well there’s a lot of weight spread across a large area. If that were to change you’ll end up with bigfoots pushing them all over the place again.

Small tracks are a completely different issue and do not have the same issues that larger tracks have.

The old terrain modifiers were horrible you couldn’t even drive on some maps without tracks which is really bad if you can’t choose which maps your fighting on.

Your tracks are slow, your reload is slow, your aim is slow, with all that slowness you can’t reliably hit a fast moving target enough times to neutralize them. That’s the entire reason your asking for them to reduce durability on other build types. I don’t think they’ll be willing to nerf every medium and light cab to fix the durability for you it would be detrimental the the rest of the game play.

You have me misunderstood. Movement part durability on fast builds needs to be nerfed, not tonnage or mass limit. A build with 6 hermits has the same movement part dura as an armored track while also easily cornering at 80km/h with its perk active. A small track build with 6 tracks has 1125 HP on each side completely shielding the frame, while going 90 both directions with the fastest steering in game. Small tracks, Hermits, and to an extent bigfoots give fast builds movement part durability nearing armored tracks and hopelessly surpassing meatgrinders.

You didn’t state that you just said durability.

Wheeled builds don’t have the same part durability either as in they don’t magically add durability together for each individual wheel. Have a wheel or two come off on a 4-6 wheeled build can be extremely detrimental. Hermits if they are singled out it’s more likely do to it’s perk then the basis of it being a wheel alone. They probably would still be fine with a little less resistance from their perk.

Small tracks again are a different issue I was surprised when they gave them the their last movement bonus as they didn’t really need it. If anything I always thought they needed that spin out issue fixed more than anything else. Any track fully shields their frames I can’t see that being a contributing factor. It’s in the nature of a track. Other then undoing some of the previous buffs to them I’m not sure what could be done.

Bigfoots can be a hassle honestly I use them sometimes and they do get shot off by larger alpha weapons. I personally would have speed limited them similar to the small tracks and just boosted their acceleration in compensation. Most monster trucks don’t really drive that fast but they do have great acceleration.

But wheel builds still have the cumulative durability of every wheel, and losing two wheels is only a huge detriment if your build sucks. Thats 100% honesty because I run a 5 Omni whirl and it still slams around the map with 3 wheels. I can lose two wheels on any side and the build is still balanced enough to steer and drive properly. This is the same for every single meta wheel build. You can argue that a wheel build will lose a wheel sooner than a track build, but the wheel build can lose up to 50% of its wheels before its crippled. Lose one armored track, goliath, or tank track and you are done. And that track will fall off so quick because its huge, slow, and not that durable for its size and speed.

Small tracks fully shielding frames is a problem when they are a 375 hp slab that drives 90 while also being an extremely small target that covers the entire frame. Couple this with arguably having the best maneuverability in game and that is going to be very abusable.

Bigfoots aren’t so bad but they are still powercreep because their stats completely blew every wheel out of the water when they were added. The forums were in a bit of an uproar over their durability to mass ratio, and Tsunamis will almost never take a bigfoot off unless charged. Two legendary cannons with a 6.5s reload time cannot strip a wheel. Wow. Before Bigfoots tracks and wheels were generally very competitive with one another, before bigfoots, spectres and equalizers were meta at dewheeling fast builds in seconds. That strategy died with bigfoots and its completely unused with hermits and small tracks.

At the end of the day, dual augers got nerfed to oblivion, tracks have never been buffed except for the small tracks, wheels have incredible grip, HP, and cornering now, and the over buffing of everything has completely ruined the game for tracks, augers, and I will even claim this for sealclub hovers because I have not seen a single one carrying a team or winning while outnumbered. They never got nerfed to where they can’t do this. Everything fast and ground based has been buffed.