Tracks need a rework

so ive noticed something that is very bullcrappy and im going to call this out.

the hardened track, or as people call it, triangle tracks. this part is a track that boosts all other tracks durabilities by 5% for a max of 20%. sounds good right? well it sounds good on paper… until you realize that EVERY OTHER TRACK IN THE GAME, minus goliaths, has a negative effect if you dont couple them with their own track.

armored tracks, sleipnirs, tank tracks and small tracks all have a perk that says at the end

armored tracks: increases damage protection of structural parts by 25%. the bonus doesnt depend on the number of such tracks, but decreases proportionally with other mounted movement parts.
sleipnirs: increases weapon rotation speed by 25%. the bonus doesnt depend on the number of such tracks, but decreases proportionally with other mounted movement parts.
tank tracks: boosts max speed and power by 10% and 25% when durability drops to 65% and lower. the effect wont work if there are other movement parts mounted on the vehicle.
small tracks: reduces weapon spread by 20% above 80km/h. but decreases proportionally with other mounted movement parts.

so… what is the point of hardened tracks if you cant USE THEM to add more durability to your other tracks without them being nerfed?
sure its not often that people use them now in combination but you can still use them for added durability on the front of your build to absorb some damage for you. hell i use 2 of them on my cohort, bigfoot, mastodon, mammoth build because of the extra tonnage. this makes my build extremely slow to get up to speed but once it does its quite maneuverable.

i mean i doubt anyone cares about tracks but i do. i like tracks and i think they need more love then they currently get (which is none). i think this hurts them more then helps them. what do you all think? tracks should sync with one another, not work against eachother :expressionless:

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I only have a few builds where I mix tracks but the decreases proportionally with out movement parts and won’t work with other movement parts conditions does screw up some strategies. I use to do track mixing more but it doesn’t really bother me that much. I think the logic they are using is added ability vs PS range in most cases. Most of the other movement parts outside tracks have a similar condition too.

The one can’t work at all if mixed is tank tracks but it kind of makes sense in their case why would it boost speed and power of other movement parts? It’s one of my least favorite bonuses but I do think not boosting speed at least makes sense. They could have easily done the a buff to dmg protection of weapon parts instead, with the conditional being similar to the rest of the tracks.

Goliaths have their own pre-conditions to them by default which includes altering the PS already i.e. you have to skin them with armour or other items to have any effect to start with.

In the case of Hardened to get more than 50% of the bonus you’d have to use 2:1 ratio. It might be that they think the effect is just that strong in terms of ability to PS range. I do this on one of my larger builds with a pair of goliaths and I hardly ever lose my front tracks.

Im not that knowledgeable about the game but, i think they did this to keep them as “movement parts” and not “Modules”.

what i mean is this:

  • Lets say you have the “Finwhale” engine. It increases the durability of weapons over a certain speed.

  • Then you notice that “buggy” wheels decrease the speed required to activate the perk of the Finwhale.

Without the handicap you speak of, you could just attach one buggy wheel hidden within the frame and then have a multitude of other movement parts. That would allow you to have full advantage of the finwhale perk with practically no compromise, while still allowing you to use other movement parts that give additional buffs. So you could have a monster tank that gives even more HP to weapons and not have to worry about your movement parts not being able to push your rig

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It’s just movement parts that are being talked about here. i.e. tracks with other tracks, tracks with wheels ect…

did you even read what i said?

tracks should sync with other tracks, not with wheels to avoid incidents like what you said. :man_facepalming:

Yes i know, but what im saying is that without the handicap employed on these movement parts, you could end up using a single movement part as if it was “like” a module. Like i mentioned, hiding a buggy wheel in the middle to get the full perk but then utilize better and more movement parts to push your big rig around.

Because of the handicap, they are making you compromise.

Currently implemented:

  • Gain the finwhale perk but have limited tonnage/durability/build choices from other movement parts

Handicap removed:

  • Use the finwhale and one buggy wheel for full perk buff and continue building a massively powerful rig with even more buffs not having to worry about the limited capabilities of just using buggy wheels

Yes, but i was just giving a general description of where this idea “probably” came from. And like everything they implemented, they did it across the board instead of honing in on a practical solution (like mentioned by you) that would make sense.

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Wouldn’t work with tank tracks that bonus stipulates you can’t access the tank track bonus if you use any other type of movement part. It would work with some of them though.

but wheels also have this nerf including buggy wheels. if you were to combine them with other movement parts it would not sync together. in fact it would make the perk have a fraction of what it gives if not any bonus at all. if you use one with bigfoots for example it wouldnt apply because the wheel would be off the ground and wouldnt count.

well maybe they should consider not putting so many broken things in the game then switching them later… seriously alot of the things in here could just break the game if there wasnt limitations. :roll_eyes:

I love hardened tracks, they are tanky, they have durability, they have speed, and they have a useful perk.

What about this for the point, i have found it, did you?

And if you are right ( i’m not saying you aren’t)

It decreases, that means other movement parts ( tracks will receive a buff nevertheless in dura )

I have a build with 2 small tracks + 4 hardened tracks, other “perk” is maintaining those little pesky things in check.

On their own they are a plus in dura in whatever build, they function as armour too.

I’m happy with them, they are nice.

The only reason i may consider the slepnir e.g. ( for another build of mine ) is because of the extra block underneath.

Out of all of them these are the two the bug me when mixed. I already addressed the Tank Tracks a few messages up.

The Small Tracks when mixed have a similar issue where not a lot of the other tracks can hit the required speed to get the bonus so they already get a reduction do to that. When taking into account the proportional decrease on top of that from mixing them the bonus ends up being almost negatable. They might be able to adjust the condition that the perk activates to fix that though. If they changed this to be 30% at max speed 90k/ph then at 45k/ph 1/2 mixes will still hit 15%.

The others I think sync fairly well with partial bonuses outside of some height issues.

Ride height Issues: (Have round about 2 groupings)
Smalls, hardened, Armored, Goliath generally have a fairly similar ride height.
Slepnir and Tank Tracks have a fairly similar ride height.