Trading to Specific Player

I’ve been playing for roughly 2 yrs. on and off. I recently had a buddy start playing along. Is there any way to trade some of my parts directly to him or give him parts I don’t need/want?

They hand out bans for that.


what you can do is buy them a coin bundle through the gaijin store and send it to their account.


Over the years many have asked for this option.

But becuase of how this game is “free” they will never let people do direct trading.

The only way to trade items in the game could get you a ban (highly unlikely, but it is a possibility) since the market system is not meet for that purpose.

Sorry we do not have a solution, but I hope we answered your question. :wink:

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Got it, Thanks!

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Will look into this option, Thanks

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Wish the Answer was different, but given the financial mechanics of the game it makes sense. Thanks!

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