Transfer psn account to pc

Hi, a long time ago i played on ps4 and i wanted to go back to crossout on pc and i wonder if it’s possible to transfer my progress to pc because while playing on pc i noticed someone with nickname and note @psn
so I’m wondering if transferring my progress would be possible.

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Sadly no. It isnt possible.

but I still wonder why some player had @psn on his nickname

Perhaps I am wrong. I dont think so but feel free to explore further

My cousin has a “@psn” on his account name. Like you he started on playstation but wanted to migrate to pc to take advantage of the better opportunities and expanded controls with a pc account. Gaijin “password linked” his account over a year ago so he could play on a pc (I’ve forgotten most of the details at this point), but he can’t buy anything in the store; no packs, battlepasses, etc. So, since he can’t fully take part in the game progression or get stuff he’d like to have, he’s lost interest in the game. Thanks, Gaijin? :confused:

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Thank you for the information, I hope gaijin will change it someday but I don’t think it will be soon

I’m not letting go of the crossplay dream.

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