* Treacherous Wasteland: places with highest destruction counts. Part 1

‘Devs all bots go to these places’…its a no brainer… :crazy_face:

Treacherous Wasteland: places with highest destruction counts. Part 1

Hello, survivors!

We got our hands on some pretty curious intelligence: thermal maps that show where exactly your armoured vehicles get blown to pieces during the heated battles in the Wasteland. We’ve already analyzed them and would like to share our findings. We hope it’ll be interesting for you!

The “Bridge” map and the attraction of the south

For some inexplicable reason, players most frequently drive to the southern part of the map. As you can see, the most heated battles usually take place in the lower part of the location, causing a lot of destruction there. The northern part of the map has much less activity.

The “Broken arrow” map and the fever

Most of the maps in Crossout are designed to prompt players to drive towards the center of the map and fight there. The “Broken arrow” map is a perfect example of this. The destruction count in the middle of the map is so high that most of it is painted red. Not many survivors decide to bypass the hot spot.

The “Sandy gulf” map and the total carnage

Other locations showed some points of concentration of destruction. But judging from the heat levels, the “Sandy gulf” offers no place to hide. Cars get destroyed all over this map. Take great care in this dangerous place!

That is all for now. We have many more interesting thermal maps that we will share with you next time. Good luck in battles!


What was I supposed to learn from this?

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Sam thought, that’s just… where bots go. You look at Sandy Gulf in CW, I guarantee nobody goes in the middle like an idiot.

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That’s where the bots run and die all the time, of course