Triggers / Auroras

Call me crazy but coming from SGs and now using drones…things are not as polished as they should be.
I have triggers but i hardly use them, they require a lot of cold blood and sufficient time on target to work.
Auroras in the other hand are more forgiven in that aspect.

I made some changes in my build, and after that i run some tests, tests with perfect conditions not translated in “real world” conditions but nevertheless, against a stationary bot.

3 triggers = 485 yellow damage per burst, point blank
I don’t remember the damage at 50 meters, but at 100 meters a burst of triggers translate in 149 yellow damage.

Then i tried with 2 triggers and a single aurora, at point blank 600 something yellow damage.

Some hybrid builds work, but the majority don’t.
In this case what your experience say?

Anything + aurora on a stationnary target will always seem incredible. Aurora can fully heat a part in a few seconds and double your damages and on a stationnary target you can garantee that the aurora will hit the same part as your other weapons which is not always true in real fight. To be fair it’s very useful to have it with hitscan weapons. It’s usually not played with trigger for 2 reasons : First, triggers do heat parts themselves. So the second hit of the triggers should do massive damages even without auroras. Second, the aurora requires radiators to be efficient, which don’t synergize with triggers (you would need a flywheel for them instead).

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Aurora is great with miniguns.

Triggers and destructors are better on their own.

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Is there a specific co-driver?

Falcon usually, but Billie works too (for miniguns/aurora).
Hertz for triggers/destructors.

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The aurora and reapers fught each other a bit in that one fires ballistic projectiles (reaper) while the other (aurora) fires hitscan, meaning fighting a strafing enemy will have your reaper bullets lagging behind your target if you aim the aurora directly.

Equalizers and arbiters are hitscan, so they dont suffer from this problem.



Triggers are not for me.

I just have been told off big time. and with reason. They take too long and they are too precise. Not my thing.

I need to find something new, exciting, another change of pace.
I need to mothball my current builds, they are getting dull, and make new ones

Have you tried goblin/gremlin shotguns? I bet the new track handling will work well with a bunch sandwiched between them.

Been there than that.

Since the end of Summer of 2022 ( where i completed my set of Gremlins) to when i started to play drones.
I did a proto meta Gremlin Meta build, only lacking the Omni wheels
Overcharged broken this build temporarily

And after that i also run a heavy version of this (ruptures)
broken by the co-drivers rework

that end up to be a variation but after the penetration values changed from 2 to 3 meters and it’s oversteer issues…

And before that was leechs, Spitfires and between was Tthunderbolts, Fafnirs…

I like SGs but i don’t want to get back to them just yet.

Looks like you’re working mostly with Bigfoots lately, and I like how they’re feeling since the last update.

Have you gone through a melee phase? Can be a fun change of pace from aiming or dropping drones. And the Bigfoot/cheetah/cloak combo is still good on melee builds for quick recharging of your cloak.
There are lots of cabs that can be used, even a couple heavy ones.

To tell the truth i’m a bit fed up with BFs by now, they have been in my last two SGs builds and in my last two drone builds, for some time now.

I built two lacerators and two maulders and one tormentor once but i didn’t have the chance to develop a build, i sold them last year or so.

I was thinking in buying a Ermak cabin and a tusk cabin but in one of his latest videos JBRider said that the tusk will be nerfed.
So, i’m not sure about the second cabin…
I’m thinking in getting Atoms, legs, parking spaces, and the rest i don’t know

Maybe it’s time for you to get into strafing parts. Maybe legs?

Tracks feel really fun now. I’m planning on going on a track binge for a few weeks.