Trolling the mods

The topic would be automatically deleted unless someone flagged it.
So I flagged it, and when asked about the reason, it litteraly said it should have at least 2 characters.
So I wrote “2 characters”.

And the mod answered with the most generic and robotic copy-paste message ever.

Yeah… I’m seeing great things in the future of this new “forum”

:rofl: :crazy_face:

Hello @43405873,

That looks robotic because it is :slight_smile:
Automatic moderation answer by our system.

Best regards,

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lmao, owned by a bot and a mod. gg, wp


Not my fault, the new engine is like that ^^
When we handle a report, it sends an automatic answer to inform the users. The person who handled the report appears as the author of this automatic message.


Pics display nicer on this forum. On my phone at least. Old forum they weren’t as crisp. There’s one plus at least. :cold_face: