Trying to play all the challenges... making time

Some of you fine gentlemen have expressed a lack of enjoyment from playing the game, and that’s a bummer.

Sorry… . I can’t directly relate. I’m easily entertained, and this game entertains me to no end.

That being said, one thing that is annoying me is the constant push the game makes to get me to play more. The constant coercion to finish challenges to progress robs the joy of the game for me. I logged on this morning to play - the first time I’ve really gotten to play since Sunday - and saw

7 seasonal challenges…
8 dailies…
then the 11 or so weeklies…

In order to do the seasonals, I’d have to play with an autocannon build, a shotgun build, and then a machine gun build. The dailies & weeklies add more playstyle specific nonsense.

It just feels like work instead of play.

So, I logged off. Didn’t play a single match. :confused:

I’m sitting here in front of my PC for the first time in days & simply don’t want to deal with working through the challenges. I know I could just play for fun, but yeah.

So, I’m going to finish this amazing cup of coffee (fresh ground & made in a french press), go have lunch with my daughter & a friend, then take the kayak to the lake.

The psychological tricks to get me to play are backfiring.

I really want those legs… but at this rate, I’m not even going to finish enough levels to buy the battlepass. :man_shrugging: I hope my mood changes.

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Sadly but yes. I haven’t done any raids in a long time, tried few, bots became op in 1 year, raids rotation changing too fast and reward is still the same. And yes, if you want to get some expensive stuff you have either to play this game as full time job or donate. But even if you donated for a bp, in case to get at least 2 fused legendary guns you still need to work for it every day) 1 small tip if someone doesn’t have time for daily bp task, do easy raids with machine guns or retchers, 3-4 raids in 15-20 mins and all daily tasks for bp are done. It’s sad devs forcing you to play if you want to get decent stuff from bp after you literally bought it or buy more lvl’s which are expensive

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This… very much.

When this one came out, I almost bought it immediately, but remembered my little rule I made for myself. I’m not going to buy a BP until I know for sure I’m going to finish it.

Then, I realized you literally can’t finish this one.

Almost done with my coffee… then I’m out. :coffee: :canoe:

well you still get all items up to 75 lvls with just doing weekly and additional tasks, but stuff for lighers? Maybe 2-3 epic items at best. 75 lvl’s are easily obtainable

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Did the same just a moment ago. Took the dog outside instead.

The pass is still a relatively good deal.

Temporary pack “Wild field” is available in the in-game store!

Hello, survivors!

Starting today and throughout the week, a unique temporary pack “Wild field” will be available in the in-game store. Harvest the wrecks of your enemies’ armoured cars with this ingenious but efficient vehicle!

Attention! The pack will only be available in the in-game store and only for crosscrowns from 12:00 GMT on June 16 until June 23 at 23:59 GMT.

“Wild field” pack

  • Armoured car: “Utilizer”;
  • Cabin: “Omnibox”;
  • Weapons: 3 chainsaws “Lacerator”;
  • Movement parts: 2 ST and 2 standard wheels “Bigfoot” with the “Digger” CK.
  • Hardware: weapon booster “Tormentor”, engine “Cheetah”, generator “Gasgen”, invisibility module “Chameleon Mk2”.
  • Paints: “Half-light”, “Material: Aluminium”, “Emerald” and “Bumblebee”.
  • Various decorative items.
  • Increases the maximum number of parts used to 55.
  • 1500 in-game coins.

…considering they want about $30 for that "bargain,"it makes the BP look more resonable, eh? It involves jumping through the Crosscrown hoop to get too.

I just think hiding the check-out stand behind a mini game is bad marketing. In my country, they try to make buying so easy it’s accidental, or at least impulsive, sometimes. Offending this customer with that crap, before I’ve even gotten my wallet out is just counterintuitive to this American. You should at least have to unwrap the package before you realize you’re getting ripped-off. But, whatever.

While I was logged on, I noticed I finally sold all my crap and I’ve got a little coin now. I could just skip this pass and still get a set of those Gerridae. I’m not sure I have that kind of self control though. I like the paint and decor too. I can take a hard pass on the Legendary stuff though, but even without that stuff, I think I can get my $9 dollars out of it…they will probably start kicking out mini-passes though. I’m good to sit on my wallet for a while longer too.

Note: It is a nice looking pack. I’m just not feeling it between the $30 price and the Crosscrowns.

We got to the lake & they’re filming a TV show, not allowing normal people to use the lake. :rage:

And, no offence, this is the reason objective (impartial) criteria and standarts exist.

But now you finally see the major reason of why some people are disappointed in this game.

If you want new legs only, you only have to have enough for 6 or 8. 6, as the usual number of legs, will require from you to buy the BP and have 500 lighters. Level 77 will suffice.

That would be my advice on the problem. 4 months should be enough to make it there.

Oh, there was never any doubt. LOL

My bafflement doesn’t come from people’s disillusionment with the game, it comes from them complaining about it incessantly to the point they remind me of a crazy ex-girlfriend. Unable to move on… :crazy_face:

Welp, that’s freedom of speech for you.

Especially if those people act within the rules/laws of the forum/community/any other congregation.

Either way, I don’t know whether you want new legs only or full set of Charybdis with them so I gave you my two dimes on the matter.

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That pack isn’t worth anywhere near the price in crosscrowns they want for what you get …

Tell them to go back to commiefornia unless you’re in it and then good luck

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In a while, i’m doing daily

1 easy raid
1 or 2 hard raids
1 or 2 get the wires
1 or 2 get the batteries
Often i can squeeze in medium raids and the scrap missions.

I bypass the cannon day, Mgs day, and i use SGs to give a little boost to my weekly missions.

that’s 400 badges for weekly missions + 100 from the wires + 350 from the batteries + 400 hard raids + 100 from easy raids + 180 from medium raids + 100 from scrap missions, makes a total of between 1250 to 1600+ badges per week.
This way i don’t feel overwhelmed by the game and i do follow my own schedule. (as i don’t have many things in my inventory i don’t get affected by “GAS” (GEAR AQUISITION SYNDROME).

This way i have more elasticity to things in my real life and as i am more disconnected with what to get next (latest and greatest) and with the game tells me what i must do to grind.

You mentioned the new legs…well i’m looking to my old workpieces and thinking which one i’ll build and sell.
Yoko cab, do i build the 4 and sell 3? things like that.
If you have similar approach, you can have fun, zip your coffee, go to lunch with your daughter and do some kayaking .
Do the special events back to back (the ones you like). I’m still using the wires i got from the propeller event ( i made 20 parts with them and i’ll do 20 more or i’ll do some workpieces ).
Either way, the feels like work will stop.

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This game belongs in the abyss of history. Even the wg games aren’t that hideous. And that’s enough to say.

Now, there’s a quote that i mostly strong disagree with.
WG are the archetype of hideous and they do belong to the Abyss of history.
If you doubt that , try to do a battle with an 8 point captain in a NEW MEXICO, against tier VIII ships.
20 knots in a strait line, 17 knots or even 15 knots if you manoeuvre, lacklustre 356 mm guns, lacklustre range, susceptible to HE, Very easy to be forgotten by your team mates and singled out by the CV and Subs.
crossout is much better than WG