Tsunami and Typhoon

The Crossout community has long voiced its concerns regarding the Typhoon and Tsunami’s inability to hold their own in battles against more potent weapons. When facing off against their legendary and relic counterparts, these weapons often fall short in terms of damage output, accuracy, and overall effectiveness. While balance is an intricate and ever-evolving aspect of any online game, it’s evident that the Typhoon and Tsunami are due for some attention from the game developers.

The call for a buff or rework for the Typhoon and Tsunami is not about making them overpowered but rather ensuring that they remain viable options in the game’s diverse arsenal. The Crossout team should consider the following aspects for improvement:

  1. Damage Output: Increasing the damage dealt by Typhoon and Tsunami can help them compete with other weapons more effectively. This can be balanced by adjusting the rate of fire or other parameters to maintain game balance.
  2. Accuracy: The Tsunami’s pinpoint accuracy should be maintained and perhaps even improved, making it a reliable long-range weapon. This would make it a viable choice for players who prefer precision and strategy.
  3. Unique Abilities: Enhancing the unique features of these weapons, such as the Typhoon’s turret rotation or the Tsunami’s penetrating shots, can give them a distinct edge in battles, encouraging players to explore their potential.
  4. Combination Bonuses: Crossout could introduce combination bonuses or synergies that reward players for using the Typhoon and Tsunami together. This would encourage more players to experiment with these weapons in their builds.
  5. Community Involvement: Involving the Crossout community in the balancing process through feedback and testing can help fine-tune these weapons to meet player expectations while maintaining fairness.

In conclusion, the Typhoon and Tsunami in Crossout deserve some attention from the developers to address their underwhelming performance in comparison to other legendary and relic weapons. These iconic weapons are undeniably fun to use, and by giving them a boost, players can continue to enjoy the diverse strategies they offer. Balancing is an ongoing journey, and with the right adjustments, the Typhoon and Tsunami can once again become formidable choices in the wastelands of Crossout.

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I kind of agree with you the limited angle pancake cannons have often had lower outputs even though they later require the same energy put in as turret cannons and are less usable on many of the mobility platforms. I do think they have some benefits though in hitbox size and HP to size ratios however I do not think that solves for the energy increase alone.

I think this largely effects legs and track builds that can act as their own turret platforms. I wouldn’t go as far as you I’d just reduce the energy required to 5 then collect the stats via play tests and then adjust around that.

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The long barrels and large caliber of the tsunami and typhoon would mean they’re hard hitting, long range and with terrifying accuracy. Especially against poorly armored CAR parts that weren’t made for combat (unlike the APC parts, they should be hecka durable and completely immune to bullets). The cannons in this game have always been lacking, all of them. Even 57mm of HE is a brutal round that could decimate most cars. 88mm would OBLITERATE nearly every vehicle anyone has ever assembled in this game, and yet it’s about as effective as using the duck as a melee weapon. The projectiles should also be way faster, and the recoil way less, although the slower projectile speed does make a lot of sense from a balancing standpoint. But I think in order to justify the slow speed, they need to do damage. Right now, all cannons sort of suck.


Nice discussion but, y’all understand that the devs don’t read anything in this forum, right?


Most cannons need their bullet damage doubled or tripled because their damage is a joke. They have such a small blast radius for their blast damage, and their bullet damage can be done in a few shots by any mg. Direct damage to singe parts is what makes weapons effective. Typhoon only does 162 bullet damage btw.