Tsunami are the best decor items ever!

Seriously, buff tsunami!
Forget about icebox or harpy cabin!
The weapons are way too heavy, useless!
The dmg is low, the reload…you need hadron with flywheel.
These cannons are “DECENT” only if it is fuzed+hadron+flywheel!

I’m not looking for a 20/30/40% dmg buff.
I’m looking for a perk change.
Give tsunami a perk similar to quasar/pulsar/cricket!
Rework the model!

Can’t place some armour around them because of the model(compared with typhoon), because of the barrel!
And it’s not the only problem! The Tsunamis are simply too heavy! Can’t use them on CW! Are simply too shity!

Do something about these cannons!

Make something on the reddit, this forum is dead my dude, they don’t look here

I don’t think they really look there either… lol


Tsunami could use a buff. Right now, the weapon is very underwhelming. One caveat though: fixed cannons should have an accuracy penalty for movement.

I’m not sure why everybody shits on Tsus, there’s a bunch of legendary weapons that are straight up worse and less played at any PS/in any mode than Tsus.

It’s because those pancakes don’t come with any syrup.

I have a fused tsunami I never use anymore. But it’s mostly because I have mastadons. Why play tsunami when you can play mastadon? I sold my unfused tsunami a while ago to pick up another relic and I’ve never felt the need to get it back having all these other canons in my inventory.

It’s perk is pretty good now Imo. It’s not so bad a gun. It’s mediocre, but it’s not great or bad. It’s a middle level.

Tsunamis are not good decor. Consider the following:

          Tsunami       Inflatable Mammoth

Durability ------------746 ---------------------------5
Power Drain----------6 ------------------------------0
Power Score----------2400 -----------------------7
Increase to Rep------0 ----------------------------5 percent

Tsunamis should receive buffs to their sound to compete with top horns like Curacha, Hearse, F(a)rt or Vuvezula, or their animation to compete with flares, fireworks, Lightbar or Pumpaloons. Also, Tsunamis need massive buffs to their power drain and power score because they also need power score heavy legs or hovers to work at all and at those levels, the Tsunami player is liable to run into opponents with real weapons.

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