Turn off matchmaking

Matchmaking to have players on or off when playing against bots

I wouldn’t mind if we could raise our own upper limit on the matchmaker for patrols. I don’t think it’s would be possible to turn it off though with how the game functions.

Are you saying you’d want an option to play against live players only? That might result in either extensive wait times, or matches with 6K HP between the highest and weakest players.

If you want no bots, there is always clan confrontation or CW.


I think his request is on the contrary to allow to tick a box to have no human allies when fighting bots. Basically 0 humans in the game except you. I can agree that this could be a nice option for some players that want a full pve experience and 0 risk of toxicity. Not personally my cup of tea but no reason not to allow it.

I think you can do that in custom games, no?

You can do that in custom games, yes. If you have enough active members, you can have your clan practice against each other in custom battles, which is a great way to test your stuff/tactics before fighting other opponents.

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