Nope. Just rotate your builds. It’ll go away. That’s the best I can do.

I don’t know. Just commenting on what DocSavage said.

How 'bout them Broncos?

I don’t think you even need to change builds to reset the queue you’re in. Just go back to your garage, waste a bit of time on the market or whatever. When you go back to missions, you’ll likely end up in a new queue (unless there’s almost no one online in your PS range).

Changing to a build with a different PS will definitely bump you out of the queue you were in though.

Ya. If you wait a bit, the pool of available players will change…as long as it isn’t squad night at the Grill. That seems like it can last a while sometimes.

I don’t think the pools are very deep right now, and it’s making the matchmaker glitch a little. Although, I’m not seeing repeat maps so much, right now, they do seem to trend.

I think it’s a minor bug, that would resolve itself if there were more players. I think they update the matchmaker regularly, just like they do all the other features in this game (they do not release patch-notes for that, ever). They will probably update it again, I would expect, with the next big thing, whatever that is.

…also, the population should pick back up in a couple days with the release of whatever new event they are they are planning to do. Things will get better…or worse.

I really don’t expect the next Battle Pass or mini Pass to be that great, but we’ll see. Even if it sucks though, at least the population will go back up for a little while, as interest is piqued.

The holidays drive down player count, so even before the next event we should see it getting busier over the next couple weeks.

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That would would be great. I’m liking my Manitou-Emily-Atom Combo, but it’s hard to suffer wonky matches with it. I’d like to see this game get rolling again, so I can get into it more.

I did take that build out for a brief spin earlier, and it was fun. It killed plenty, although the teams weren’t great. I got paired with a Hover dude that had his schit together and that was a kick. Team work is everything.

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My Emily/manitou build is on hermits, and it is a lot of fun.
Also made a higher PS version of the same car for Corvos, and it’s also a blast to play. I just have to remember to actually aim carefully.

I am using Atoms and Manitou with my triple Nagual build, and those guns have become my favourite cannon. Gonna try a lower PS version with just two guns soon, but this time with buggy wheels and oppressor so that I can play more aggressively and do less long distance sniping.

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I guess I should get on that too. I have a set of Nags, but I don’t use them, and I do need a cannon build on my roster and have none. They are just so bad at handling the rush, and I always get rushed, then rapidly de-gunned.

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That’s why I like them on Atoms, so that I can keep retreating as the enemy approaches. I recommend using an Iris (or one of the other scopes), as they really excel at longer distances.
That perk is real nice for degunning, popping generators, and finishing off wounded enemies.

I’m hoping a dual build with Oppressor will work better at mid and close range. You can’t fire your three shots very quickly if you want to maintain accuracy, but that doesn’t matter as much at closer ranges.

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I’m gonna give that a shot. I think I have a proper scope, but I don’t remember. I may have sold it. I know I don’t have an Iris. I’ll get one. That’ll be my project for tonight, probably; a Nag-mobile. I’ll try the Atoms, but I’m also looking at tracks a lot lately. Some dude posted a really cool build on tracks to the reddit forum the other day, and I can’t get it outta my head.

I need a Cannon build though, so one way or the other those nags need to get mobilized. They are probably the only cannons I have in my inventory…maybe a Hulk too? IDK.

It’s good to hear they work. I do think they are dmn pretty. I’d love to see them carry some water.

Any scope would work, but I like Iris because you can hide it under your build and never lose it. Also, the perspective shift it does works for me better than the other scopes.

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I have a really simple one in my exhibition if you care to look.

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I think I will. I don’t have a lot to choose from in the cannon category. I think I have a Little Boy, an Executioner, a Hulk, and two Naguals. I’ve used none of them often. They have been my favorite thing to never use at all, since they nerfed cannon rotation, but tonight was supposed to be the night I changed all that.

I’ve got a little coin if I needed to throw a bit at the project. I’ll get in there and give it a gander in a moment.

I’m using a single little boy, two tank treads, colossus engine… It’s a really simple traditional functional tank build. I don’t score high on it but it works and gets me though that daily.


I don’t have those, but I was wanting to get some, because I saw a build the other day with the Tank Tracks and Slip’rs on reddit that made me gawk in awe a bit.

Last I checked they were still pretty cheap too, because…well, you know. They’re difficult. They need a buff (turret speed rotation perk?). I should get a set before something like that happens and the price goes back up, probably…or I could improvise?

I wanted them just to do a traditional tank build. It’s not the best thing to point you at but it works. What you end up doing is under arming it on the bottom side and tanking a lot of the cab hits. It’s something I would just pick up a pair of and and not expect it to go up but leave them non upgraded incase of need of liquidity. I keep parts around like that all the time.


I’m glad I have some tank tracks. Don’t use them much, but enjoy them when I do.

It looks like the devs fixed the double map bug, thanx devs. :+1: