Yep, im wondering why we have to play each map twice in pvp matches nowadays.
What is targem’s reason for doing this?.
I miss the old random selection of a map every new game we used to have.

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Ya, there’s nothing “random” about the matchmaker, but don’t tell anybody. It freaks some of them out…which in turn freaks me out a little too. Just pretend like it’s legit, and totally not rigged, but rotate your builds and play-style anyway (Cannons, shotguns, ACs, MGs, etc), and know that it’s an imperfect system with glitches.

Once you start doing that (rotating your builds), you’ll learn how to influence it to get maps and matches you like better, and how to avoid the ones you don’t…just don’t bother trying to explain it to anybody. It’s not a fun conversation. Ever.

Most importantly though, the low player population really limits the matchmaker’s functionality, and it runs like crap with the player population hitting rock bottom like it is. They’ve updated it a bit since 2.0 (IDK if it’s any better or not), but it still needs players to cherry-pick through, and right now it doesn’t have that, so you get a bit of wonk.

Steam charts look extra crappy today too, so it doesn’t surprise me to hear that the matchmaker is being a bit glitchy.
They didn’t even break 4K over there on Steam today.


Hey Doc i like you man, but this post was not about the crazy matchmaking but about having to play each map twice in a row.

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i get 3 in a row most the time

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The repeating maps annoy me, although I always assumed it was about letting each team get a chance starting from each end. Other games do similar things.
I realize our teams are supposed to be random each match, but I think the queue system actually keeps people in groups until players take too long to hit play, at which point they get bumped into a new queue. In their old queue, they may get replaced with new players, if their PS is close enough that they can keep the total PS of the teams approximately balanced with bots and/or by swapping some team members. Groups make all of that much harder.

If you could follow what I was trying to say above, that’s also why I think we get such long losing and winning streaks. It’s not the matchmaker trying to make us win or lose, it’s that the matchmaker doesn’t care about anything than keeping queue times short and trying to keep the total team PS balanced. Also why the PS spread gets so high sometimes: it will prioritize short times over a small spread. So if there aren’t enough players in high PS, some of those players will end up on a mid PS team where there are just enough lower mid PS players to keep the total team PS scores close to equal.

ya,i get same 2 maps then 1 diff map then back to same 2 maps again is not fun

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I’m not sure what else controls that, if it’s not associated with the matchmaker.

Respectfully, Docteur, your data may be off… :wink:

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Yeah it sucks, especially when it feels like the maps you genuinely like never get the 2 times in a row treatment (Crater) and then every other map you fight is one you do not like (Clean island, marble quarry) and twice in a row on top of that

Yeah yeah cool new maps you guys made but stop shoving them in our faces so much come on
And add them to bedlam already while at it

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Quarry is literally the worst map they ever made, such a terrible map design


Seems when a new map is introduced the producers “spam” those maps and seldom any other previously released maps. "Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor " William Cowper (1731–1800)

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:face_with_spiral_eyes: Deja vue.

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That’s an article from 2017.

Still, the numbers do surprise me, but I don’t think we have nearly that kind of popularity now. I think the Rise of the Machines event showed a population of under 50K participants on PC, which is about half of what Spring Mayhem boasted.

Why is that relevant, you didn’t ask? Because the rumor is that all active players get counted for the purpose of ranking the leaders of those events. I can’t verify that though, but it seems logical.

It is hard to find proper numbers on this game’s active player population, that’s for sure, but it’s probably nowhere near the three million they attracted at launch.

I was looking for something else, and came across this. So I thought it would be funny to juxtapose that number with the issue of maps repeating due to there not being enough players for the matchmaker to work correctly.

I hate that map too. Didn’t like it the moment I saw it…but it’s more maps. As long as they don’t make me do it over and over, back to back, I’m fine…but they make me do it over and over back to back.

There are ways to manipulate the matchmaker, and persuade it to present better maps, but the hell if I’m going to explain it to anybody ever again.

Why would playerbase numbers have an effect on map rotation?

I think you’re asking the wrong person, but I’m done explaining it. It’s not really that complicated though, and the question is sort of framed incorrectly anyway.

I scrolled back through the thread, but I don’t see you explaining this theory very clearly.
Could you make an attempt?

Why would the game restrict the map rotation in response to a low playerbase?