Twin Spare Tires. Fact or Fiction?

Yo! I been trying to get my hands on some Twin Spare Tires for a month now. Are they only a Free Pack Item (thusly not tradable)? I ask because there is a space for them on the market but no sellers, only others trying to get some too and, well, we’ve manage to cap the bid price at 17+ coins… Are they available or not? Inquiring minds want to know.

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I think it just suffers from the same problem a lot of decor items, stickers and paints do, of price corridors haven completely taken them out of circulation. So many parts and paints have become generally unavailable because of it

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They do exist in both tradable and non-tradable states. The non-tradable version were offered on a free anniversary pack a year more ago.

Much of the issue is when they took out upgrading from decor items and pushed the new recycling system a lot of decor items lost their ability to be spawned into the game.



I’ve wondered how many cool items are all but deleted from the game because of this. It’s also why I have a bunch of decor I refuse to sell… There’s a good chance I’ll never get it back.

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i have both kinds in inventory on xbox, none on pc

Spare tires are the same size as the existing tires your vehicle is riding on. Spare tires allow you to drive normally with no noticeable changes in performance or handling.