Twitch Drops

Anyone having issue to receive cartridges after requesting them in twitch inventory?
I’m in ps5 platform, are there any known issues?

Not yet despite the fact I’ve watch and collect the first 5 of them.
But in the Twitch help it says that can take up to 14 days so I don’t expect to ear about that issue before time’s up.
Twitch Help drop

Same problem I done all 5 but get 0 to Crossout inventory

I also have the same problem but I’m from PC

Hello all!
It’s a known issue, I’ll let you know when I have more information.

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You guys can re-check your storage for cartriges

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they have already appeared in my inventory, thank you

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I never get Twitch drops. Last time or this time and it’s really annoying because it’s items I want but I cant get because it dont work. IT ANNOYS ME TO THE MAX. I put so many hours and money into this game.
There should be another way to earn these items. IT’s beyond stupid.

I tried doing this last time also and I never saw them twitch drop “CARTRIDGES” in game… I earned them on Twitch but never seen them in-game.
SO YEAH “XBOX” has same issue

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Did you link your accounts ?

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Yep accounts was linked it says i got them on Twitch and i go to it on Xbox zero I have.
I had my steam Crossout linked too but and just linked my Xbox I think and it gathers them on Twitch but never shows up in game on Xbox.

I tried to do this last time also and never received them in game.
Should be another way for players to earn that stuff… It’s cool to promote Twitch but making people have to sit there looking at streams isn’t the right way to go about it.

Why not the “Crossout Show” and watching that to earn or if ya need it to be more grindy do many matches played in a week or something.

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I jumped on the Twitch Drop bandwagon on December 18. Since then, I have endured six hours of watching Twitch streams in order to earn cartridges so I can buy paint and decals. Items which should be available through gameplay.

Long story short, where are my cartridges???

Yes, my accounts are linked.

Yes, the streams I watch indicate “Drops enabled”.

Yes, I am following the streamers.

Yes, I participate in the chat window in order to “prove” I’m really watching.

Yes, I checked withing the appropriate workshop to confirm no cartridges were available.

Again, where are my cartridges???

Is this, could this, be a Twitch related problem or a Gaijin problem? I’ve exhausted all the troubleshooting I can think of and or control.

did you redeem them in the twitch inventory every hour ?

You can play a stream muted, in 160p, in a background tab. It only matters that you collect a dropping when it’s unlocked. I’m mentioning this because your detailed description doesn’t mention collecting of Twitch droppings. You need to click your Twitch profile and in the drop-down menu select “Droppings and rewards.” Some play streams on their phones, so they don’t interfere with their PC’s bandwidth. No chat participation of following of streamers is required. I leave a stream playing in the background and either do raids or watch something of value on YT. The streamers still get view-hours, so it’s fine. And Targem/Gaijin can pretend a game mismanaged by its main developer is popular on Twitch.

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They actually do :

" You will receive a reward message on the Twitch broadcast page. Once you see it, you will need to click on the “Get” button. You can also do this in your Drops inventory."

EDIT : You’re right I didn’t read correctly your sentence

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Anyway, do you know why the cost of crafting the rewards was increased by 2 cartridges this time? Previously, the Purple Pixel paint cost 2, and the lamps 1, 2 and 3 cartridges. Is it because some players were only crafting Short Pink Lamps and salvaging them?
It would be like when I was punished for using the Cockpit in regular PvP only because of it being OP in leviathans (instead of there being two separate perks for PvP and leviathans).
It really does look like someone takes extra time to micromanage the game, but keeps failing. And after some recent dev streams, I suspect it’s Alex turning everything upside down. From what I’ve seen in the streams, I’m not sure if he should be allowed to make the most critical decisions. So far, Igor seems to be the most competent developer. How did Alex come to be the boss? Was he on the team that made Ex Machina? During the Russian stream for Mr. Twister (there was no English one), he suddenly felt compelled to do some banning in the chat. Why would the chief developer want to do it himself? He also kept refusing to repeat what was said earlier for those who’d just joined the stream, telling them to rewind. The vibe both from him and Yuri was rather negative in that stream. And they were talking to Russian players, who, as I understand, are favored by the development team. Overall, Alex appears to be quite bossy, but not competent enough to support that ambition. So, what happened to the crafting cost in this event?

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Because people crafted the cheapest items and salvaged them. I heard you also can’t salvage the new items anymore.

Thanks for the muted 160p tip.

I couldn’t collect the drops because none were accumulating. I did some experimenting and evidently the drops only accumulate if a streamer has a certain amount of viewers. I watched four streams, all had drops enabled. The difference, two streams had over 50 viewers the others had less than 10 viewers. The over 50 viewers streams showed a bar in my drop rewards which illustrated my percentage earned toward the drop. The less than 10 viewer streams didn’t. Once i figured out the viewer density “rule” I managed to grab 4 drops.

Thanks for the help.

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So that’s up to 24 * 55-60 coins after tax = some 1320-1440 coins the last time (the extra 14 cartridges due to some glitch that gave what we made in the droppings event before that).
And this time round, double punishment:

  • no salvaging,
  • crafting costs 2 more cartridges, so it hurts more - except that mostly applies to new players; IIRC, I unlocked the paints Dark Khaki and Corrosion just by playing streams, which would correspond to 1 cartridge each.

We get crazy high wires rewards in the helicopter brawl, some 40 coins an hour. Typical Tard’dem logic.
The high wires gain is there for a reason, so to make us play it a lot. Perhaps to gather more data in the 40 days. The brawl is also a convenient distraction from balancing issues in regular PvP. It would be easier to add the rotor to regular PvP instead of fixing balancing issues. That would completely change the game and add a whole slew of new balancing problems, but it would buy the developers months of respite. Or maybe the brawl is intended to keep us busy while they keep working on the new season.

If that’s the case, I didn’t notice that relation. I know there’s a text window at the top of the chat that says drops are enabled in a particular stream. Something like this:
Twitch Droppings
A few days ago, one streamer said there was some issue with enabling drops, and then there were no drops streams for some 14 hours. That streamer initially had only 5 viewers. Some hour later, that number went up to around 100, but still no drop bar progress. The streamer seemed honest about having those software issues and trying to fix them. Then again, someone could just claim to have that enabled, in order to get more viewers.

evidently the drops only accumulate if a streamer has a certain amount of viewers

Nothing to do with viewer count. Streamer has to be accepted as “crossout partner” here Partnership - Media - Crossout

Enabling drops in twitch alone doesn’t do it.

twitch drops is such a sucky gajinesque concept. watch 8h of crappy content you really dont want to watch for some in game stickers. its like raids.