Twitch Drops?

In the news section of their website, they have a mention that they’ll be giving away things via their Twitch account.

I’ve never used Twitch, but am home sick, so I thought I’d try it out. So, I followed their instructions, linked my account, and found the Crossout Twitch page.

Here’s the question… how do I know which of these streams is an “official” Crossout stream? I see dozens below thier CrossOut header, but none look official.

Thanks in advance.

That’s the one they had listed in another new post. I don’t do twitch though so I can’t be of any help beyond that.

Sinncakess is doing a 24 hour stream with drops. You can also try high_potential,majherbhead,fordward or chaaainsaw.

In case anyone else is wondering, I found out… Several streamers are putting “drop enabled” tags on their streams, but aren’t part of the actual drops. If you start a stream from someone who is actually affiliated with CrossOut, there will be a little notification when the stream starts telling you you’re eligible for drops. I have been using an old phone and/or laptop to stream all day while I go about doing other things. LOL

is the max Cartridges you can get 7?

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I was wondering the same thing.