Two Tier Market And Everything Be Tradable

A random idea popped into my head, how about having a 2-tier market?!
Kind of like how we got the Market and then Shop but it’ll be a 2-tier market within the market tap!
1st, market tap be for parts (weaponry, movement, modules, paint, stickers)
2nd, market tap be for all the resources this game has and other stuff

So copper, scrap, uranium, electronics, batteries, wires, plastic, storage, and exhibition extenders and then make stuff like the fusion chips, talors, blueprints, and other event resources tradable!

Thus, making everything tradable except the gray stuff given to you when you start the game excluding paints, those
should be able to be sold. Special event resources used to be tradable and they should be made so again and same with all the other stuff you get, like casings, range building stuff, or at least make the crates tradable.

Cause this game has too many things in it that aren’t tradable as if you’re gonna oversaturate our storage system with so much stuff least make it that we can sell whatever we want to people who want it and can use it!

I would love to sell my fusion chips and crafting recipes to people who want them as I don’t!

I want to be able to trade fused items.

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Yup, i didn’t specifically mentioned fused parts but they’re included in my 2-tier market system, I want everything to be tradable besides the grey starter parts you get, unless they wanna extend the grey parts in the game!

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This… + 100