Typhoon weak

buff typhoon its a really weak relic unless you fuse it than its like average it needs a better perk current one is useless


Its utter trash for a relic. The perk is insanely good if you stagger your guns, but its damage is so pathetic.

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I don’t get it. On xbox ,if you are good with typhoon, you are in top5 clan. Maybe you need more kapkan and trombone in your team.

cant stagger its perk on a hover

thats xbox im talking mainly about pc since console is basically dead by now

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Its possible if you use a less meta build configuration. Mount one cannon in the middle of your build so it doesn’t yaw or pitch your build with recoil, and always fire that one gun first. This can be achieved by offsetting a side by side pair, or by using an over/under configuration.
its a shame its only hovers and bigrams in CW now. Theres no room for ranged builds on tracks, augers, not even ML200 anymore. I used a dual meatgrinder build in CW with typhoons, it was a fun meme that I got a couple hundred Uranium with. It was a lot more viable before Targem “buffed and fixed” the meatgrinders.


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Just another pointless typhoon spam thread that will accomplish nothing…

maybe you should cry?

The gun is genuinely garbage and it has been for a year. It does pathetic damage, its really easy to strip because of its massive barrel hitbox (which also prevents you from firing if a player barrel stuffs you) and its perk doesn’t help it kill anything. Its nice to nerf somebody but the gun still has almost no ability to actually kill anything when compared with scorps, firebugs. Its also extremely heavy for its durability which is severely lacking given the weapons size.

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