Uhhhhh... Gajin? You OK there, buddy?

Screenshot 2024-02-05 093644
Screenshot 2024-02-05 093713
These were taken on the same day…
Either it’s a money grab, or something is seriously wrong with the game. I have had this pack for months now (it was one of the first ones I got with this account), and it just showed back up in the shop. Could someone explain?

You can repurchase packs you have already purchased with cross crowns. You can repurchase items with cross crowns as many times as you want. I’ve probably purchased the Kapkan pack 4 time.

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Ah, so money grab.

More market refresher, but yeah it is a money grab. only people that ever buy the double ups are those who missed the original, or market whales who are sort of sadly needed.